Egyptian Chronicles: The Big Scold Sis

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Big Scold Sis

I once described the Egyptian regime political performance in the Gaza war as the performance of the Big Scold Sister , I think you may be shocked from this strange description; well you should not because this description is based upon the famous Egyptian proverb :

The scold woman is the lady of her neighbours

simply because they fear from her tongue not because of her status or for her respect. This is a popular living proverb you can see not only in our slams but in worldwide slams.

It was a perfect way to describe the performance of our regime and its media speakers on  TVs and in newspapers with their rude ranting against all those who dared to criticise and oppose the official Egyptian position in Gaza war. Egypt thanks to our regime was like the big Scold sister who was ranting against her own sisters demanding them to obey her otherwise she would remind them how small and low they are . It is the weak and wicked policy I am afraid , when you are really strong you do not need to be rude.

Every day from those weeks of that war you would find one of the regime speakers either a chief in editor “from the type of Abdullah Kamal and El-Dakak looking for a promotion to a bigger official publication or a NDPian leader like Jihad Ouad looking for a promotion in the cabinet itself”  appearing on one of the TV channels using all what God gifted him from rudeness to trash other people and countries. Of course they were in their highest levels of their rudeness when they were hosted on Al Jazeera , already I believe Al Jazeera deliberately used to  hosting them to embarrass the Egyptian regime by showing off its rude stupid men. The Egyptian regime does not feel ashamed after all these are the men it chose to represent it !!

To make the picture clear for the western readers those men whether on TV or in newspapers are just like Bill O’Reilly and Ann Coulter.

When the war was over and the fire was ceased ,somehow those scold editors chilled out but they did not stop,it was something regular and expected.

But then the news of dangerous Hezbollah cell came and it became the circus time for the regime media to show off its skills .

Things got worse when El-Cid Nasrallah admitted that Sami Shahab is a Hezbollah member and he was in Egypt in order to provide the Palestinian resistance with logistic supplies. It was an open invitation for letting the dogs out with my all respect.

The official editors competed on who would be the no.  1 champion in insulting Hassan Nasrallah , of course the trophy of shame goes to Ali Ibrahim of Al Gomhouria who is keeping faithfully Samir Rageb’s hypocrisy legacy alive in the official newspaper like no other chief in editor in any other official newspaper. Ali Ibrahim has called Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah today “Sheikh Monkey”  !!! I think Ibrahim is shamefully has joined the Israeli shame list , he deserves to be in it.

I do not know how rude and uncivilized our official newspapers can go , this is the regime official newspapers.Again this is the official media which supports a dictatorship.

One day things will get better between Egypt and Hezbollah because this is politics , from 30 years the pro-westerns in Lebanon were our bitter enemies and the nationalists were our allies , our allies were Musa Al Sadr and Suleiman Frangieh whom descendents attack Mubarak now !!  Bottom line I do not know how officially we can mend our relations with Hezbollah in the remaining time of Mubarak. Still I want to see what Ibrahim is going to write insh Allah when things get better and insh Allah it will “I am trying to be optimistic as much as possible and based on history this can happen”

Of course the regime is too arrogant to know that by letting its editors and speakers ranting like this Hassan Nasrallah is gaining more public sympathy in Egypt. It is a matter of trust and reverse psychology .

Still Hezbollah made a stupid mistake , a real stupid mistake,it should not mess with a regime like the Mubarak regime even if it is believed that it is weak.

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  1. Walahy Hassan Nasrallah is the only man in the Arab world beside Iranian President of course! those who trash talk about him from Egypt are all slaves and dogs to its master! Those people will have their promotion insyallah in Akhirat!

  2. AardvarkEF-111B4/14/2009 12:04:00 PM

    scold politics & gabalaya media XD XD XD
    does any one following lebanese media and tells about the reactions there?? :-)

  3. @anonymous, ins Allah , but the Iranian President can´t be considered the only man in the Arab world because he is not an Arab man ;)

    @aardvark, the reactions are as usual ,those who with Hezbollah attack us and those against it are with us. Of course I care more for people's reactions there , I wish someone tell us


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