Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bahr El-Bakr massacre1970-2009


I thought that I was from the few people who remember this very sad anniversary but I was wrong as I found people like me remember that sad anniversary  ; The anniversary of Bahr El-Bakr massacre.

On the 8th of April 1970 the Israeli War machine committed a terrible war crime the world forgot deliberately just like other war crimes like Deir Yassin. “Strangely Deir Yassin anniversary is on the 9th of April” 

On that day the IAF launched an attack on Bahr El-Bakr village in Sharqia Governorate at North Delta in 9:20 AM. From the main buildings that were targeted and hit in the attack an eliminatory school, about 30 kids were killed in that attack.


Needless to say the IAF used the napalm as usual. The IAF used the American Phantom airfighters.It was one of the biggest and deadliest attacks Egypt has seen for sure.


Some sources say that the Israelis launched the attack in respond to the attacks from the Egyptian side during war of attrition , where as other sources say that there was a military factory besides the school, well even if there was a military factory besides the school, this does not justify the murder of such innocent children.

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The massacre was horrible by all means , poets and singers around the Arab world made sure it was memorized through arts. Salah Jihan wrote his wonderful sad poet “The lesson is finished” and Shadia sang it. Film star “feminist icon” Magda documented the that massacre in her attrition war themed film “ Life is a moment” in scenes I guess my generation could not forget easily “I think my generation was the last generation to see Magda’s film”

The following clip is from a documentary about the Egyptian-Israeli conflict , it includes parts of Magda’s film

The IAF Attack on Egyptian School at Bahr El-Bakr

There is a small museum in the village whose name entered the history of Egypt from the same door Donshawy had entered before , the saddest door painted by blood.

دماء الأطفال تخضب كتبهم بفعل الصهاينة

The Photo of the school after its destruction

The remains of books and copybooks

Here is a recent video report from 10 PM show about the conditions of the village and its people now including the survivors and some of the students’ parents.

I may not have posted this on the correct date but I believe it does not matter , we should not forget the past because it is repeating itself , we saw the Children of Bahr El-Bakr in Qena 1,2 and in Gaza.

Please remember those children in your prayer what ever you believe in.


  1. it's simply terrorism for terrorism, you guys bomb their buses and schools, they bomb your buses and schools, only a hypocrite like you who turn a blind eye toward the massacres Muslims committed and mention only the one made by Jews.

  2. read everybody what the people of Zienobia did to the Jewish people:


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