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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Stars San Fards

Famous French Elle magazine did something unexpectedly in the world of fashion and women magazine, it published the cover of April issue with no Photoshop or no make up for its cover girls. Of course they were not regular cover girls They are stars , worldwide stars like Sophie Marceau, Monica Bellucci ,Charlotte Rampling ,Chiara Mastroianni , Eva Herzigova and other European stars.

sansfards1 Monica looks so beautiful sansfards2 Eva is okay, little pale but still looks pretty


Sophie looks as if she has just wake up but again she looks fine

On contrary to other stars who appear on magazines covers those ladies look naturally beautiful unlike a long list of actors and singers whether abroad on even in Egypt.

To be honest I do not imagine one day that any of our actresses or singers will accept to appear like this on any magazine cover taking in consideration we do not have a magazine like Elle .

I also do not want to imagine how those celebs will look like without the miracle of make up and Photoshop because already they look like Zombies and drag queens with make up like for instance Nadia El-Genndy and Marwa , of course the list is too long , but those two always give the impression that they are drag queens not real women !!


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  1. I actuallt think the likes of Marwa and Nadia Gundy will look better with less makeup and better application of it. A lot of presenters, celebrities look drag queens because the makeup is always very bright, they wear powder that is 4 times lighter than their shade with heavy lipstick and hair colour that does not go with their skin tone.

  2. Ruby is a real girl too !

  3. lol, for sure egyptian celebs in love with makeup cuz of their age.
    btw how you look without make up? i bet you are just like the egyptian celebs.

  4. LOOL vraimant! Nadia looks like a drag queen and not in the good way hehe =D

    Monica is super hot as usual! she looks the same in her movie "Malèna" <3

  5. @anonymous, it is 10 times not 4 times !!!!!!

    @mido , no really I found it on the internet

    @Bastawisi , I look better than you for sure

    @Ice-Queer, Monica is so so beautiful

  6. i agree on this, for sure you look better than me ;)


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