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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Regarding the Crisis

So it seems that the Egyptian regime wants to issue an international arrest warrant against Hassan Nasrallah and his deputy , yes the man made a mistake but is not the Egyptian regime a little bit hysterical ??  I mean Hezbollah admitted that they were trying to smuggle weapons to the Palestinians with no intention what so ever to destabilize the national security of Egypt then why we disbelieve them ??

Speaking of arrest warrant , has the Egyptian regime official issued an international arrest warrant against Mamdouh Ismail who caused the death of 1000 Egyptians ??

Speaking of national security , why do we insist on exporting gas to Israel with lower prices than the average international prices especially that the majority of Egyptians refuse the deal and the regime knows this very well ??

Speaking of national security , why does the United States of America inspect our airbases ??

Speaking of national security , this regime should not speak about the national security nor the sovereignty of this nation because history will tell how it jeopardizes our national security and sovereignty in order to continue in its place in a systematic way.

Already if Hezbollah dares to dream that it can control the Suez Canal “as the official media claims” then why it has not got rid from its opponents in Lebanon  up till now ?? It makes no sense that a party with such ambition to destabilize the biggest country in the Arab world has no full control of its own country up till this moment ?? Please do not tell me the support of Iran and Syria ..etc because it is not logic , try to think for a moment and you will see that it is not logic and all those charges from bombing and mass controlling talk are not logic.

I wonder what the Egyptian regime wants to reach from this media war , it is media war in the end of the day , I do not think that they are trying to win the new American administration because it seems that the Americans want to open a serious dialogue with Iran , the new administration does not like this escalation as it supports more the soft Policy , may be this media war would be favoured by the Bush administration , of course it is too late.

Is it for impressing the new Israeli cabinet !!?? Well the Israelis are so impressed and thrilled for sure but I do not think that the Egyptian regime is happy for this Israeli thriller as it knows its effect on the Egyptian public.

Is it to affect the Lebanese elections ?? With my all respect besides that we do not have a real role there like before whoever says this does not understand the political arena in Lebanon. Hezbollah has its own supporters in the South and Western Suburb who won’t change their vote because of the official Egyptian media campaign.  The political voting map in Lebanon is based on sectarian , ideological and geographical factors.

Is it to create a public diversion in Egypt ?? Well what that thing the Egyptian regime wants to divert the public attention from that deserves creating a diplomatic crisis in the region like this !!!??

I do not know why I began to think that all this fuss has to do with the terrorism and emergency laws the government wants to pass with objections from the public nor from the parliament .”as if it will meet objections from the parliament” .

The Lebanese government is trying to put an end for this crisis , contrary to what our regime thinks, the 14th March does not want to involve in a new fight with Hezbollah , they do know how important Hezbollah and Hassan Nasrallah for them and to Lebanon unlike the Egyptian regime currently. I believe it would be wise from the Egyptian regime to stop this silly play and listen to the Lebanese official attempts , of course officially we are refusing to listen to anyone because this is our sovereignty , needless to say if that anyone was Barack Obama things would be different.

Another point I would like to add in this post is that the Egyptian regime is contradicting itself. it claims that it works for the unity of the Arab world and Islamic world where as it is adopting and promoting a sectarian division talk in the media. Unfortunately this sectarian talk that divides the Islamic world in to a Sunni and Shiite fighting sect is amiable to the Gulf media. It won’t be the first contradicting thing this regime does.

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  1. My DeaR Zenobia, I followed the link about airbases and found the stupid comments by jdamn13. He obviously is a troublemaker and is mostly not American. Why believe him?

    Americans may well inspect Cairo West and other bases in order to be helpful. I don't know this but it seems reasonable since we are in fact friendly towards the government of Egypt and have cooperated militarily for many years. I love Egypt and I love my country. I wish you would open your eyes and your heart. America is not and has not been the enemy of Egypt and the Egyptians. I might say that sometimes it appears to me that you are your own worst enemies.


  2. by the media war the regime wage on hizbullah, it want to show the egyptian people how Iran and it's tails are evil.
    by the way, Egypt doesn't sell the gas to israel, it's a private company which do this and iam sure you know this well.

  3. THE blogger Zeinobia, though have great documentary, editing & graphic capacities (would generate reasonable income of well employed) seems unable to liberate herself from certain stereotypes....
    As egyptian (just like zeinobia) i don't see any future to the current regime & the current social system in the egyptian societies & i am most agonized by the incompetence & ingnorance this country is living & running itself

    but selling myself cheaply to any cracky fiasco roumer or rogue politician or militia-man sets me as incompetent as the regime itself !!!

    Zeinobia went so far in her stereotype to the limit that it adopts a [pan-anarcho-letfwing-antiamericanism] as a top reference above not only her national identity but any kind of sense!!!

    she is now the leader of an opposition party of which she is the only member !!!
    a sad case indeed, beyond rescue.... :-(


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