Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Stinky Bibi is back in office officially

85739512 Benjamin Netanyahu has sworn in to his office along with his cabinet today. He returned back to the office as the 12th prime minister of Israel.

Oh boy Bibi was so much hated and so much mocked in Egypt, he had his own nickname which is “Netan” {Stinky in Egyptian dialect}. Newspapers whether official or unofficial used to called him “Stinky”

I remember that he even once complained from the cartoons by Mustafa Amin and Ahmed Ragab.


I should hint that Avigdor Liberman has not apologized yet for his rants against Egypt and her president , I do not know how he will be received in Cairo , may be he won’t come in the first place.

To tell you the truth I am happy that this radical cabinet came to power in Israel because as Livni once said : Enough is enough. May be Bibi and Avigdor will force Mubarak to return back to the Arabic side in the conflict.

Welcome to our old stinky friend


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