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Saturday, April 11, 2009

This bow

The bow shot of Obama to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia is causing a lot of stir among the Neo-Cons in the States ,yes they are back and found an opportunity.


Oddly enough G.W.Bush used to kiss the King and they did not open their mouths to comment.


Look I do not understand what that bow meant or what was behind it except that it raised from the popularity of Obama a lot more than you can imagine in the Arab and Islamic world. It showed respect to the Arab and Islamic world in the eyes of many people in the region.

Obama for sure knew what he was doing and he believes that first impressions always last.

By the way back in Egypt some people are very jealous from this treatment ,seriously jealous.

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  1. Americans knew that Sadat has a big Ego, so they used to give him compliments like electing him one of three most chic guys in the world and like telling that if he candidate himself in the US election he will win and guess what Sadat did? he was like a tame bird in Camp David treaty.
    guess from the photo with whom apparently the Americans try to play the same game.

    and by the way a kiss is not like a bow not like making love on bed.

  2. AardvarkEF-111B4/14/2009 11:58:00 AM

    i don't know, i think Bush treatment is (salute among equals) is more credible that enflating king Abdullah already inflated Ego

    yes, yes, many of you hates Bush & loves Obama

  3. i think there is a big difference between a kiss on the cheeks and a bow from one leader to another, if bowing is like kissing, then all house butlers should answer their employers with a kiss instead of a bow. end of statement.

  4. @Ice, yes he is smart ,he is politician

    @Little lady cakes,thanks

    @Bastawisi, you hate Sadat ,right !!??

    @Aardvark, but it depends on who is kissing

    @^H@fss@^,do not you think that Obama made this to show that he is like the butler serving the Saudi masters !!??
    Do not forget Bush was always accused of being an associate to the Saudi Royal family


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