Saturday, May 9, 2009

Disaster Time Action !!

The ministry of health in Egypt is acting in a very proactive way unlike its habit to combat the swine flu. Yet there are overreactions from the ministry’s side in time where we do not have actually swine flu ,if  you think it is only the slaughtering of pigs “if you believe it was a overreaction”,then you are wrong because there are other real overreactions :

1- Requesting the ministries of education and higher education to advance the final exams time !!

2- Requesting the delay of Umrah this season !!

3- The Shura Council estimation that with all these precautions  if the virus comes to Egypt , it will kill about 18 million Egyptians !!

4- Launching a campaign in media to warn people from kissing each other !!

The Virus has not reached yet to Egypt thank God despite it has reached Israel. It is good that the health ministry is taking its precautions from now because Egypt will suffer a lot. It is good that the government launches H1N1 and H5N1 Campaigns in Egypt , it is a great move but on the other hand the government and the health ministry are spreading panic unintentionally.

Many people I have met in the past week believe that the government is hiding the news that H1N1 has reached Egypt and there were H1N1 positive cases and they did not declare it for fear the public anger and criticism !!

Of course this is 100% false as the government can’t hide any single case without the knowledge of WHO still the overreactions of the government made many people think there is a huge disaster our government is hiding as this is how it acts in the disasters time.


  1. Great post.

    In my opinion, I think that the government is over reacting to the flu. All these checks in the airport and killing all the pigs make no sense.

    I think that the government found a great topic to change citizen's focus away from government acts.

  2. انا نازل مصر فى نصف شهر سبعه
    بصراحة انا خايف
    وبفكر الغى الحجز نهائيا
    اللى شفته امس فى قناة المحور ونشرته جريدة الشروق عن التعامل مع الخنازير واعدامها ونقلها بصورة بدائية جدا للرمى وليس الدفن فى حفرة عملاقة
    والتعامل المشرف والمتطور جدا لوزارة الصحة
    لآ ووجود 70 حالة اشتباه فى الغربية ( اللى انا منها )
    يخلينى اخاف
    اللهم احمى مصر يارب

  3. Hi there, do you know whether this is true


  4. Already I've been sick three times this year in Cairo. I leave on a plane tomorrow for the States, and Inshallah, hope not to have any difficulties. Cairo is a cesspool of airborne disease, and a haven for allergies. Let's just hope the H1N1 is only a flu as we see yearly, and that the deaths we've heard of were from other complications. My worry is the second coming in the fall, as it happened with the 1918 flu. If this flu progresses in the same manner, then we have much more to worry about.

  5. @Ahmed Tarek , I think about the possibility of attention diversion policy , it is old but I can't find the other event that deserves all this, it can't be the May social raise !!

    @Ayman , do not be scared , insh Allah khair , already all those cares have negative results thank God , Gharbia is safe thank God
    I do not know where you are , but you should be more worry if you are in the States or Europe now

  6. @Noblese , to tell you the truth I do not have much trust in this e-newspaper but on the other hand it is close to the regime,still I do not believe them that easily because the WHO is watching over the ministry of health thanks to the H5N1 and the fear that it would evolve

    @Vaganbondblogger, Salamtak Alf Salama :) Insh Allah you will have a nice trip to the States , as I am telling Ayman , you should be more worried in the States then Egypt. I am scared too from the fall ,the WHO warned from this and it bothers me :(


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