Sunday, May 10, 2009

To Welcome or Not Welcome Obama

Move over pigs ,it is Obama's visit debate now !! Just few hours from the official announcement of the White house that Obama is give to address the Muslim world from Cairo and the reactions from the heart of the Arab Muslim world began to pour.

The Mulism Brotherhood does not welcome the American President.
The Nasserites do not welcome the American President.
The socialists and leftist do not welcome the American President.
The rest of the opposition powers in the country and outside it do not welcome the American President.

On the other hand Some so-called liberal powers aka neo-liberals in Egypt welcome the American President.
The regime and its media are more than welcome !!

To be honest the part I mostly hate about Obama's visit is that the official media considers it a victory on its so-called opponents whether internally "Ayman Nour and Saad El-Din Ibrahim and other opposition parties" or regionally "Qatar-Iran-Syria axis" . On Sunday the Op-eds in the official newspapers came as if we won the big trophy in some sort of regional race or something !! Ali Ibrahim in Al Gomhouria as usual crossed all the logic lines when he wrote "With our all respect to Turkey and Indonesia but Cairo is so special !!" , I think he meant to say " Hard luck Turkey and Indonesia ,you lose you suckers !!!"
Of course in his first complete half page today he remembered to tease the opponents from journalism philosophers and the followers of Mr. Haikal as he described them , how wrong they were to think that the American administration will not cooperate with Mubarak regime and how they dared to think that we are losing our position in the region !!!!!!
Al Akhbar and Al Ahram also dedicated the op-eds to celebrate the great achievement.
This is what I do not like in Obama's visit ,the regime and its media think that it is a victory over the opponents whom are the Egyptian people by the end of the day.
Obama is not going to praise Mubarak in his visit despite the visit means a new clean white page between Mubarak regime and Obama's administration after 8 years of bad relations with the Bush's administration.Mubarak was a very patient man ,despite the rough treatment from Bush's side ,he continued to be loyal to the U.S
The opposition parties and groups in Egypt are angry because this visit means complete support to Mubarak dictatorship regime ..etc. They got a valid strong point but I am sure if Obama chose any Islamic Capital , some of them would come and attack Mubarak who made us lose our position in the Islamic Arab world in front of other regional powers like Turkey or Indonesia
To be honest I do not have faith that Obama or any other foreign power whatever it is will help us to change this regime with another democratic one. It is a lost case Mustafa Kamal hundred years ago was right about it , the west won't help us except to fulfill its interests and most of the times its interests regardless of what it claims do not meet with our national interests. The change must come from with in. If these opposition powers and figures put hope that the congress and the American administration would come and punish our current regime then they are living in Lala land plus their quest to have support from abroad can end with an opposite result back home, the people themselves will refuse this support.
I welcome Obama just like I welcome anyone who comes to my country in Peace and respect in order to address the Muslim world in peace. I welcome his choice to my capital which once was the jewel of Islam and the heart of the Arab world because it shows respect to the history and position of Egypt in the region , the history and position that Mubarak regime does not fully understand completely
What really bothers me is what Mubarak has given in return to Obama for this visit , already  I am sure that Mubarak would have given it in return anyway.
By the way Ibrahim Eissa also commented on the visit today , he was justifying logically why Cairo was the choice of Washington despite he seemed skeptical about the results of this results, as he will say tomorrow. Al Masry Al Youm today has published what they believed Obama´s speech to the Muslim World, it is expected that Egyptian American Dalia Mogahed would be the one who writes it , I believe Dalia will be much more active than Dina Powell
FYI Obama is going to visit Cairo for 16 hours only !!


  1. **" Hard luck Turkey and Indonesia ,you lose you suckers !!!"**


  2. I dont know about you but I hope Obama gives Egypt a good beating about its human rights records. It would give him some credibility.

  3. "With our all respect to Turkey and Indonesia but Cairo is so special !!" can't believe somebody like Ali Ibrahim would give such a stupid statement! Yes I do agree with anon No.2, hope Obama gives Egypt good beating on his human right records and corrupted regime!

  4. If human rights failings are the question I sincerely hope that you don't think that any government made up from the MB will be an improvement. What about Hamas human rights record.

  5. What about Israel's human rights records? We all know that Mr. Obama won't dare to touch that one with a 10 foot pole.

  6. good from Obama to support Mubarak, may be he is pandering Muslims but he is pandering the right Muslims at least.

  7. i think he should have gone to turkey or indonesia because turkey was one time in the past a potent muslim world power and indonesia is the country with the largest muslim population---does egypt as a muslim country have any significance symbolic or otherwise??? most egyptians are poor and live below the poverty lines and are beggars and on a recent trip to cairo noticed many middle class females selling their bodies. anyways, good luck to osama,oops i meant obama, and i hope the heat doesnt kill him.

  8. @mido , :)

    @Anonymous, I do not think so ,first of all it is not nice to criticize your host ,second it seems that his administration is getting closer and closer to Mubarak regime for the sake of Israel

    @anonymous#2, my dear he write even worse than that

    @ anonymous#3, why every time someone brings up democracy ,others say MBs !! first of all it is the choice of the people and you have to respect it whether they choose MB or communists !!Second of all who said that it is only MB is in Egypt !!

    @anonymous#4, it seems when the human rights records of Israel are brought up , the west forgets that there is a state called Israel !!

    @Bastawisi , what about the AKP Turks ??

    @Hani, I recommend you take some lessons in history especially about the Grand Cairo before coming here ranting rudely about Egyptians

  9. @zeinobia
    no thank you i dont need any lessons and i never ranted anything rude about egyptians---i was just being honest about what i saw when i recently visited cairo

  10. Are you crazy? I don't mean to be unconstructive but you are being confrontational in the most asinine sense. Someone extends their hand to you with no preconditions; visits your control; and you act as though the very appreciation of the visit is an attack on the dignity of your people.

    I'm beginning to think folks like yourself suffer from something that should have been dissolved upon reaching adulthood. This is conduct of a manchild - not any reasonable rational adult.

  11. Zeinobia, ranting about Egyptians? What? The country or the people? If you mean the people, let me stop you right there before you go on your fascist rant. You are a nationality, not a race or ethnic group. And I recommend you live in the present instead of swinging dust and fascism. For that is "Egyptians", you have not brought peace to your country let alone your region or Africa or the world for matters.

  12. hani, Don't apologize. Facism is fascism.

  13. @anonymous,why do you think I am crazy ? because I give the different reactions of different parties in Egypt regarding the visit !!???
    @anonymous #2
    I believe I am not the one who is ranting here
    My dear You hate us ,well this is your problem deal with it because in this world there are 80 million Egyptians and they have a great history which you seem to envy so much ;)What is your nationality by the way ??


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