Wednesday, May 27, 2009

H5N1 Follow Up : 2 Children contract avian flu

The ministry of health announced last night that 2 children were infected by avian flu. The two children are 4 years old Ahmed Rabi'e Mohamed Ibrahim from Hahia city in Sharkia governorate and 4 years old Hasna Abdullah Ali Hassan from Omaryat village also in Sharkia governorate.
Ahmed began to suffer from the symptoms on Sunday and he entered the Zagzig fever hospital on Monday. He was given tamflu and his case is currently stable.
Hasana began to suffer from the symptoms on Saturday , she also entered the Zazig fever hospital on Monday, she was also given tamflu and her case is currently stable.
Ahmed and Hasna are no.75 and 76 respectively in our H5N1 human infection toll
If I am not mistake this is the first time two H5N1 human cases come from the same governorate in the same time , I do not know why I feel there is a disaster in Sharkia !!?
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