Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Sad Yemen

Yemen is known in our Classic Arab folklore as the Happy Yemen because of its beautiful mountains and nature just like Green Tunisia ..etc but unfortunately due to its location and wealth Yemen in the last two centuries seems to be the sad Yemen.
The sad Yemen which is ruled by a dictator who refuses to leave his throne for fear his Arab co-rulers will miss him and this is why he is preparing his son to rule after him.
The sad Yemen which is still ruled by old tribal rules
The sad Yemen which still suffers from the Ghosts of the civil wars
Last week Ali Salim Al-Beidh the former leader of what was used to be the Democratic Republic of Yemen called for separation from the north in his exile in Switzerland reminding the Arab world by the terrible memories of the civil war.
I believe Yemen is suffering from the same political diseases exiting in other Arab countries. Yemen needs a real democratic leader that gathers its south and north and its valleys and mountains under the united Yemen flag.
If there is real democracy in Yemen you will not find a differentiation between the North and South ,between the classes and the people based upon the tribal difference and status.
To be honest I do not know much about the Yemeni affair and the man who could have helped me  a lot was my late grandfather whom from the 1940s was following the Yemeni affairs extensively and even had strong relations with the Yemeni officials including the Imams dynasty. I am stupid that I did not ask him, for me Yemen was hard to understand unlike Lebanon I do not know why !!?
I knew many Yemeni students during my study years , whose parents were political refugees ,they were real brilliant kids which for sure their country will advance a lot because of them if they return back and I wish they will one day.
I know very well that Egypt does not like to interfere in the Yemeni issue now because of the old bad memories of the Yemen war or what I prefer to call like Our own Vietnam. Yemen war is a taboo now , not to be preferred to be mentioned especially by the Nasserites. It is enough to say that it was among the reasons why we lost the six days war !! Of course the lesson is being forgotten now and we are interfering in the Lebanese issue more than we should 
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  1. the nature of Yemeni people as an Arabs is responsible for it's sadness, it's a divided nation since long time.

  2. Zeinobia, I can't believe you let someone like Bastawisi post his anti-Arab rant on your blog. His posts are negative in nature make no point but to divide Arabs. You moderate comments for a reason, right?

  3. @Bastawisi, Yemen was united for a very long time and its people lived peacefully ,check the history before speaking

    @Abdurrahman Gemei, I respect freedom of expression plus it is good to know what other think of you , Mr.Bastawisi is a good example of radicalism in Egypt right now. It is better sometimes to answer back his comments than rejection

  4. Which version of history Zeinobia? your version or the real version?

  5. The history that you refuse despite it is real

  6. Yawn! Bastawisi's hateful anti-Arab rants are getting really boring.

    Zeinobia, I have this person's IP address. He is not located in Egypt, in fact, he is living in Doha and his internet service provider is Qatar Telecom.

  7. thanks anyway for publishing most of my comments.

  8. @Banoota, are you sure ??

    @ Bastawisi, if you live and work in Doha then why you hate the Arabs so much !!??
    anyhow you welcome

  9. Banoota;
    it was a cyber terrorist act to publish my information like this on the internet, but what i expect from a terrorist like you.

    it was a cyber terrorist act to allow Banoota to publish my information like this on your blog and iam afraid your both terrorism won't stop me of expressing my opinions.

  10. i forget to answer you Zeinobia, i hate Arabs BECAUSE i live among them.

  11. What terrorism you are speaking about, Banoota did not publish your IP , she only said your current location which seems to be the real one from your reaction , how many people are using Qatar telecomm, also nobody has terrorized you
    you did not answer my question by the way

  12. my location and my ISP is an info if you didn't notice, anyway iam happy you both act terrorist to show people how Muslims are terrorists.

    i hate Arabs so much cuz they occupying my country and terrorizing my people.

  13. and why you live and work with them in 100% Arab country !!??
    Up till now I do not see what is the harm of posting this info without any further details

  14. i work in an Arab country cuz i don't mix my emotions with business.

  15. I do not want to be rude but this is hypocrisy to work for people whom you can´t stomach

  16. i don't work for them, i work with them, they benefit from me also, this is the deal.

  17. and do they know your opinion in them ?? because I do not think that they will tolerate it for one second

  18. believe me they will pretend they are okay with my opinions just for the sake of the business :)

  19. You should not be proud because again I will say it it is hypocrisy

  20. هو بسطاويسي ده غبي و لا ايه ؟

  21. Actually, Yemen described as l'arabia heureuse is based on a very old mistranslation. The greeks mistranslated Yemen or Yimiin (right) as eudaimon (happyness) this led to the myth of "happy arabia". The principal direction of europe is north but to the arabs it is east, therefor Yemen was to the right (yimeen) and named accordingly.

    That's the theory.

  22. LMFAO! Bastawisi, who do you think you are, Ahmed Zewail?
    If Dr. Zewail himself acted the way you do, he wouldn't have remained on the board of faculty at Cornell University in Qatar. I'm talking about a Nobel Prize winner here!

    May I know whats the nature of the "business" you claim to be conducting with the Arabs? FYI, I am currently persuing a Masters in Business, so don't expect me to believe your bullshit. You can't even write in complete sentences for heaven's sake!

    Your trollish behavior and poor english skills indicate that you do not have a proper education. The level of intelligence you have shown so far, or lack thereof, leads me to think that you're working in the delivery department at the KFC.
    But then again, I have seen KFC staff with better language and communication skills.

    I assume you're one of many Egyptian men who could not find a job in Egypt, therefore decided to work in the Gulf, and yet your pathetic ass sits behind a computer to bash and spout hatred against Arabs and Muslims. Shame on you for insulting the people who put food in your mouth!

    Al business al!

  23. mido,

    هو بس اتحمق لأنه اتكشف وطلع بيشتغل مرمطون عند الخليجيين

  24. Bastawisi said
    "i hate Arabs so much cuz they occupying my country and terrorizing my people.

    Perhaps Bastawisi can tell us which country does he consider as his country?

  25. Anonymous,

    Bastawisi is one of the cookoo religious freaks who think that Egypt is theirs, and theirs alone. And by "occupiers" he's referring to Egyptian Muslims, because as history tells us, the original ancient Egyptians were all Christian and hence pure of any external occupying influences!

    Bastawisi despises Muslims and Arabs so much, and yet at the first opportunity he ditches his own country and goes off to work as a labour worker in the Arab Gulf region!

  26. Bravo Banoota, very well said and agree 100% with you!!! This Bastawisi he has sicked personality. He didnt even fit for a dishwasher and try to act like a businessman!


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