Monday, May 25, 2009

Just Before The Visit

It seems that polishing the dome of the famous Cairo University hall , cleaning Cairo and making Abdeen Palace ready for its important guest were not the only preparations for Obama visit because today the appeal court ruled out the innocence of Dr. Saad El-Din Ibrahim of the charges that made him leave in Egypt.

Ibrahim was accused of defaming Egypt and he was considered from the top political dissident abroad.

I do not have doubt this is just a gesture from the Egyptian regime to prove its seriousness in front of Obama :)

Of course the regime and its media will deny this and say that it is our independent judicial system , well I will dare to say that our judicial system is not that independent in political issues ;)


  1. hhhhhhhhhhhhh, stupid, they are proving that both of them are US agents... I thought polygamy is banned in America heheheheeee

  2. i agree that our independent judicial system is not honest


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