Tuesday, May 19, 2009

RIP Mohamed Mubarak JR

After I published the news of Suzanne Mubarak's visit it seems that late at night it was announced that Mohamed was very sick and he was transferred to Paris for treatment then later it was announced that he passed away there and his body would return back home to Egypt in the coming hours.
The news is only published in Al Wafad and was announced in Al-Jazeera and BBC Arabic.
Amr Adeeb in his TV show said that Mohamed was suddenly sick and he was transferred in some hospital in Cairo , he was found to suffer something genetic ,it was serious thing, he had to be transferred immediately to Paris.
Now it was announced he was dead and he died there after an operation or even may be in the operation room. May be he suffered from a tumor that no one noticed except when it was too late and was spread :(
It has not been announced on the Egyptian TV yet strangely,the TV is acting as if nothing has happened, may be they have not receive the orders yet

I feel so sad for him.
May Allah bless his soul , he was just 12 years old and it is enough that he is in heaven now. My condolence to his family regardless of what I think about them.
Update #1 ##
According to Nora Yunis , Mohamed suffered from "brain" cerebral homorrhoge.
I think because he was young ,too young surgery was an option , still what causes a 13 years old to have homorrohoge , after reading the Wikipedia page I am thinking that he may simply have a head injury or again he may have a tumor :(
It is uncommon in this age to have this disease.
Seriously I feel sad
I want to hint out that across the internet where the news was published the comments came to prove how great the Egyptian people are in these times.
  • The National TV has announced the news , the funeral will be today after Al-Asr prayer from Al-Rashdan Mosque in Madinat Nisr ,Cairo.
  • The Egyptian Presidency issued a short official statement about incident.
  • According to the statement Mohamed suffered for two days a health crisis.
  • Muslim Brotherhood officially mourns the death of Mohamed Mubarak ,sending its condolence to both The Mubarak and The Raskah families
  • The National TV is broadcasting Holy Quran in its channels according to what I know
  • The Egyptian Private Channels also are doing the same especially in Dream TV and Mehawer.
  • Mohamed's mother is Mrs. Heidi Raskah , the daughter of Magdy Raskah,the famous businessman and one of the owners of SODIC.
  • It is the time of the funeral now in Egypt.
  • According to the Presidential palace there will be no memorial service, it will be only the funeral
  • Salah Salem road is of course closed.
  • The Egyptian National TV airs now religious programs about God's tests along with religious songs.
  • Al-Mehawar and I guess other private Egyptian channels will dedicate their news night talkshow to discuss the event of the day
  • I believe that the Presidential Palace gave its orders to ban the paid condolence ads in Al Ahram.
  • Nile News aired the prayer of the funeral
  • President Mubarak did not attend the funeral
  • Alaa Mubarak was crying during the prayer and the funeral.It is hard for any father to be in this situation
  • It is like a military funeral
  • Every who is who in the Egyptian society is there
Update# 6 : 
  •   The National Egyptian TV decided to mourn for 3 days !!!!!!!!!!!! "Quran and Islamic Programs plus documentaries about Mubarak "
  • Even the Radio stations are mourning in Egypt , believe it or not Nile FM is currently airing Samy Youssef songs !!
  • The Muslim Brotherhood members have attended the funeral.
  • Pope Shounda III also attended it.
  • Here is the video of the funeral from Youm 7

  • Of course there are no available photos for Mohamed than his photos when he was toddler with his grandfather ,also his short TV appearance with his grandfather football matches in the African nations cup.
  • There is one photo which I think was taken from a lifestyle magazine where he was attending a wedding with his parents


  1. يعني تسمم وللا ورم وللا نزيف في المخ
    التلفزيون الرسمي مش مفروض يكلم المستشفى ويغطي الخبر؟ وللا ح يفضلوا يذيعوا لنا اغاني دينية؟

  2. ما اعتقدش انه تسمم يا نوارة
    الورم بيسبب نزيف فى المخ
    زى الصدمات فى المخ اللى ممكن تسبب نزيف
    التسمم ما يستعدش السفر لفرنسا
    التليفزيون المصرى لا اعتقد يقدر يجى ناحية مستشفى وداى النيل

  3. Inna-Lillahi-Wa Inna Ilaihi Raji'un (To Allah We Belong And To Him We Shall Return) May Allah place his soul in Jannah insyallah. Our condolence to his family and grandparents and we pray to Allah swt to give them hidayah.

  4. its sad...especially when hes so young

  5. He wasn't 13, he was only in 6th grade, He was in my school

  6. Allah Yir7amak Mohammed Mubarak you were a great friend and I will never forget that.. I hope that you are in a better place now. R.I.P

  7. It's just so sad :-(

  8. Youssef Spencer5/19/2009 07:19:00 PM

    I have known mohammed for 2 years. we would go to school at the same time i would watch him come out of his fancy car and walk in to school with him. we would play basketball and we would swing on the swings.
    it is just a shame that he is not here right now with us but he is remembered by Allah and Allah im sure has put him in a better place isa (inshalallah) i am so dearly sorry for the mubaraks and we al know that he is resting and may god be with him....... Yah Rab Khalleek Ghaly ando

  9. @anonymous, Amin

    @3abirsabeel,so sad

    @anonymous#2, were you his friend ?? What school you are?? and how his friends recieved the news ?? did he suddenly fell ill ??

    @Hina wi Hinak , it is

  10. We at least know now that there is one less to succeed the Mubarak heir.

    Allah yirhamo of course, but yeah, God never let someone unpunished I guess.

    Rip little kid

  11. @Youssef, I am very sorry for your soul , but did he suffer from anything ?? do you have any picture for him you can share it with us as all the photos online are too old ??

  12. He wasn't 13. That's wrong information.

  13. انا حاخد الصورة عندى فى البوست

    و دى صورة تانية


  14. Quite pathetic actually... I do understand that he was Pharaoh's heir, but even though... Was there even a second of moarning for the people who died in the Rock Slide last year? What about the kids that die because of the Avian flu? All this commotion for something... Well it is ignorant.

    Another thing... Why the hell would he fly him over to Paris in France? Are there no specialized hospitals in Egypt? Of course not, this is the country where scientists and doctors are being ignored and medical attention has reached level 0. If the medical system was better in Egypt, the kid might have been saved because everything would have gone faster instead of flying him over to Paris... I also wonder how many other Egyptian children are able to get a surgery in Paris like him...

    God bless!

  15. Guys if you want to post hating comments do not look at this website. Rabena ye7diko, he was only a child and innocent, he didnt realize anything that was political or such so STOP ASSOCIATING HIM TO THE PROBLEMS IN EGYPT! Rabena yer7amo, and to the person who wrote this artcile stop saying stupid stuff, and dramatizing. He had a brain hemmoragea this is the cause of his passing. Rabena yer7amo we yisabar a7lo. The worst thing you can do right now to comment on egyptian politics and development right now. All he needs are your prayers we bass so KEEP YOUR OTHER COMMENTS TO YOURSELF!
    Bakkah lellah

  16. Every day poor children in Egypt die without being remembered. But ... then let us think of this dead boy as a representative of them, for that is something which his grandfather will never be.
    Lahum dar assalaam 'inda rabbihim.
    رحمه الله

  17. @Medsha, Well said. I guess this is punishment from Allah swt for not being a good leader and unjustice to his people and country! No money or power is above Allah swt!

  18. He is in a better place for sure, and may God be with his parents in these real tough times, at least there will be someone yeshfa3 lahom on the day of judgment. .. he nor his parents have any fault with what his family has done to our country, although i must say that there are still some miniature good intentions from them... but we don’t seem to notice that among all the corruption and the one man show we are ruled by.

  19. well,actually he was diagnosed with a congenital malformation of the brain arteries called 'aneurysm' a condition that rendered him liable to brain bleeding due to rupturing of the artery and thus immediate death,in france..they would not do the operation as it was too risky but when he was admitted to the Galaa military hospital where his grandfather gets his health checked,a renowned egyptian neurosurgeon toke the risk of operating upon him ,alas the child died on the operating table

  20. It is very sad reality but Medsha is right on both counts. Why in the ME countries and Egypt in front spending billions of dollars on buying arms just to gain fake glory,everyone with brain knows they are useless to them, while instead they could have spent them on real developments, keep expetrs and medical graduates home instead of forcing them to escape to real life abroad. How do you expect your doctors stay when you give them a salary of LE 300-500 (i.e 60-100 dollars)/month. I bet even in UAE they have to send theirr serious cases like this poor kids for example to Paris or London. Sorry they are busy building Malls and Towers!!!. Mybe some sad (very sad) story like the young Mahamed(God bless his soul) can throw some cold water on ME politicians head to wake them up.

  21. this is god's punish foe what yo did Mubarak for the pigs people, it's justice.

  22. this is anonymous 2 speaking: yes i was his friend and he was only 11, I go to a school in cairo.... he was a great guy RIP mohammed!

  23. Bastwisi and Medsha: mohammed never did anything wrong, his grandfather is running the politics and mohammed never wanted to be president any way, he told me that.... He was always a great guy who was always smiling and you have no right to blame mohammed for anything! by the way, this is anonymous no2.... god bless mohammeds' soul

  24. @anonymous,this is not nice , already Gamal is still there my dear friend.

    @anonymous #2, according to the media he was only 12 right !!?

    @Mido , thanks

    @Medsha ,I agree with the anonymous commenter who told you that let's consider this boy as a representative for all those children.already I believe that he is heaven with them not because he is the heir of the pharaoh but rather he is just a child
    I wish that his death would be a wake call for all people.

    @anonymous#3 my dear I did not dramatize anything at all I just write what is on my mind about this sad incident

    @anonymous#4, your words are the best , I agree with every single word in them

    @anonymous#5 you are , it is a wake up call

    @anonymous#6 yes he will on the judgment day ,if they know , I wish they wake up from that show and realize what life is

    @anonymous#7 so he was not admitted to Wadi Al Nil hospital

    @ohio , I wish they wake up and understand death is so close to them

    @Bastiwisi , Shut up

    @anonymous #2, I am so sorry for your loss seriously I know what it means to loss someone you love or care about.
    Regarding his age , well all the media says that he was 12 years old , I do not know what they are saying so.and I agree with you Mohamed did nothing wrong dear , he is in heaven now faraway from that noisy world.

  25. I can not believe the aggression of some people here.
    It's Hosny Mubaraks's punishment for being a bad leader ? or for not having the best hospitals ? How dare you ?
    The boy is dead , he is a public figure. It only makes sense.
    Please try and respect the dead. I seriously can not believe the comments here. I am sickened. And the president didn't cause the commotion , the media did.
    please take a step back ad look back at what you're saying.
    Even if you disagree with the amount of attention his death got , at least pay your condolences , or say RIP or alla yir7amo or anything.
    bgad 3eib . If It was a blog of a child that wasn't the grand child of the frkin president. I would pay my condolences and have respect.
    Shame on you.

  26. @MM, you seem too emotional as though you know Mubarak family more than you know yours! The man dont give a damn about Egyptian population and dont forget what he did to the Palestinian people in Gaza. He is a bad leader and bad example for anybody and he is the reason Egypt have a bad health system! The whole world is begging him to let the medical aid to Gaza because the Palestinian kids and women dying every second and he refused to do so until now we have foreign doctors, nurses and workers at the borders doing hunger strike because Mubarak didnt let them go in Gaza to help the Palestinian! Therefore Allah swt take the closes one to his heart even he sent him to Paris with a private jet but Allah swt is above him! May Allah swt place Mohamed Jr soul in Jannah but for Mubarak lets hope this is lesson for him because there are 80,000 million Egyptians that is going thru hell everyday and you still living in lala land! Wake up!

  27. For the people who keep saying that this is a punishment from God!! 7aram 3aleko!!
    If u dont have mercy on the little boy's family, pray to God to have mercy on u the last day...
    I'm a mother who lost a son, & I know how his mother feels. Have mercy!! how do u think she can withstand all those harsh comments?? what guilt has her son done?? May u never be tested with ur own childen's loss!!
    You know what u r doing?? you r throwing the little boy with stones even after his death!! kefaya!

  28. Ina li Allah ou ina ilaa rajioun.

  29. what can i say.. i am one of the closest people to mohammed and maybe this comment is a bit late but thanks God i had'nt read these sick comments earlier... IF GOD wanted to punish mubarak he would have left him with a handicaped child which is even more miserable than death itself.. how could you people even speak one word of a child that has been chosen by God to go to heaven! Mohammed was a lovely angel..a gift from god that lightened up our lives for 12 years and 5 months.. before you say any oword about the parents that lost their child.. dont think that you are any different..mahadesh be3eed 3an el masayeb!! so be ware

  30. He will never be forgotten. A righteous leader.


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