Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Let Him Rest In Peace

These are some of my thought about this long day.

Dearest Son

We have a famous proverb in Egypt

The dearest son is the son’s son

I do not need to explain the proverb , it is logic that grandson also occupies a special part in the heart of his grandparents.For sure if you are an Egyptian and know this proverb ,you may understand the reason of Mubarak’s grieving and why he did not attend the funeral of his eldest grandson named after him.

Mubarak is old  and I do not have doubt that he is in a shock after the death of his eldest grandson , it was clear  he was in shock that he could not attend his own grandson’s funeral and to pray and in front of him the coffin. After his absence I really doubt that he will visit the States to meet Obama later. I think based on his condition he would wait till the 4th of June. It is a test and a warning for him with my all respect , all this money and power could not save this child in less than 48 hours !!

I believe Mohamed JR or Mohamed Alaa Mubarak as the media is calling  him is now in a better place. He is now in heaven along with the children who died in the ferry ,with the children who were poisoned by Carcinogens vegetables, with the children of Gaza and with all those children who died because his own grandfather’s rule. It was from the luck of Mohamed to die in this early so he won’t be polluted with the sins of his family.

Let Him Rest in Peace in heaven O’ land of hypocrisy

Because we are in Egypt where the President family is a royal family , it is normal  to find every hypocrite in the country mourning Mohamed more than it should.

I will not comment on the semi-military funeral, it is nothing compared to the huge hypocrite mourning in our national TV and our private channels.

As if they were given orders “I suspect they were , all the Egyptian channels in Egypt whether from TV or radio stations , official or privately owned decided to mourn for three days !!

Yes For the whole day the private Egyptian satellite channels broadcast Holy Quran ,the national channels aired religious songs and religious lessons !! The Radio channels also like Nagom FM and Nile FM aired religious songs !!

Now it is the race of hypocrisy in town for the NDPians to speak about their sadness for the death of Mohamed whom they only mourn not because he was a child but because he is the grandson of Mubarak only.

Look I will dare and say many Egyptians felt so sad today after  knowing the news , Mohamed was a beautiful child who died so young , Alaa Mubarak was as much hated as the rest of the family but today Egyptians were so sad because of his loss , they felt so sad for his mother Heidi but this hypocrisy will result in an opposite reaction. If this continue for another 24 hours , people will return to remember how bad Mubarak’s era is !!

Let Mohamed Rest in Peace , he is in heaven now , do not use him in your hypocrisy please.


  1. Zeinobia I agree with you comment 100%. Yes it is indeed a very sad news and we all pray that his soul will be placed in Jannah but we all must not forget that he has a very good life, the best medical there is and his grand father is the most powerful man in Egypt. But what about the poor Egyptian people who dont even have money and access to good medical and life in Egypt? I am not surprised to see so many sucking this time to show to Mubarak they cared and felt his pain.

    I hope this will be a wake up call for Mubarak and his family that nothing is above the law even with all the power and money you have, Allah swt is the One that will decide your fate. Islam means 'Surrender to the will of Allah swt, the all powerful, who determines the humanity's fate. Good deeds will be rewarded at the last Judgment in Paradise and evils deeds will be punished in Hell. Mubarak should open his eyes now to correct all the mistakes he has done for the last 29 in his power. He was not a good leader, he brought misery, poverty, corruption and unjustice to his people. His regime are full of corrupted people who are greedy for money and power only! You were right people should stop this hypocrisy!

  2. this is god's punish foe what yo did Mubarak for the pigs people, it's justice.

  3. @anonymous, I hope that it will be a real wake up call for him and his family that you will understand death is so near

    @Bastawisi, this is so mean,rude and unacceptable but I expect it from someone sick like you !!


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