Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Tamims’ Testimonies in Court

Al Youm 7 has published the full testimonies of Abdel Sattar Tamim and Thoraya Ibrahim ,the parents of Suzanne Tamim in the trail. They did not come to Egypt because as they claim they received threats from Hisham’s men.

They sent their testimonies through the Egyptian embassy in Beirut.

  • Here is the Abdel Sattar’s testimony in Arabic including the scripts of the phone calls between Suzanne and one of the aides of Hisham , she sent a cd to her father with the calls. It was clearly from the scripts that she was receiving threats from Hisham.
  • Here are some remarks about this testimony : “Not that they are true but I just think they are interesting” :

- Suzanne knew Hisham or rather was introduced to him in Rotana Party in 2005 in Sharm El-Sheikh , in the four season resort there it was an annual event, Rotana is owned by Prince Al Walid Ibn Talal,the ex-partner of Hisham.  “I assume that she was introduced to him by Al-Walid”

- According to Abdel Sattar ,she considered Hisham another father who could help her in trouble in getting a divorce from Adel Matoq.

- Hisham fell in love with her and asked Abdel her hand in marriage , in fact he asked Abdel Sattar for his approval but the later refused because he had already problems with Matoq and he cared for his daughter happiness and approval !!

- He met Hisham for the first time in 2006 and he refused to enter with him and his brother “Tarek” in projects in Lebanon !! “Ok but which is first asking for her hand or meeting him in 2006,call me picky but asking for hand was mentioned before this meeting !!"

- Points 12 and 13 are not there in the documents !!

- The rest of testimony includes how Hisham crazily was stalking Suzanne in a mafia style , it was more than a love relation clearly God Sake. It is not obsession !! I believe Suzanne was the kind of a woman who knew too much in the businessmen world in Egypt and it seems that she was killed because of this knowledge.

- This part is concerning the phone calls script between Suzanne and her father and Suzanne and someone called Abdel Khalak whom I assume was an aide to Hisham.

First the phone call between Suzanne and her dad :

         Suzanne :

I come to you in problem and you put in much worse problem !!

You here refers to Hisham in the call ,she was complaining from him and how he was bragging that he is Hisham Mustafa.

Anyhow I am curious to know what that much worse problem is !!??

Second Suzanne and Abdel Khalak’s call

             Abdel Khalak :

Do not enlarge the matter

Suzanne :

It is already large

What is this matter that deserves all this ?? Do not tell me it is love !!??

  • Here is the testimony of her mother Thoriya Ibrahim , she also describes how Hisham was threatening her and her daughter to the level that you will feel when you read the testimony as if they were taken as hostages.
  • Interesting enough she mentioned that her daughter asked for Prince Al-Walid’s help to stand against Hisham but he did not do anything !! He just ignored her !!

I think Prince Al-Walid should have taken the witness stand !!

There is a theory saying that Hisham has killed Suzanne because she knew his Swiss bank account password and she began to take money from him ,those $30 millions !!?? Well this is stupid because I believe that the Swiss banks are much careful and he could simply change the password !!?

The lawyers of Hisham and Mohsen say that Abdel Sattar Tamim , the father of Suzanne Tamim had sent another testimony  by the end of the trial to the court were he supported Hisham innocence !!?? Where is it then ?? Already the man was happy for this verdict !!??

Hisham’s lawyers are accusing Damac to be behind the crime and that they set him up !! It is easy to accuse a bankrupted company, of course his family has accused Emaar !!? I do not believe that  I am afraid !!

Oh man I forget how this case is so mysterious and confusing !!??

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