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Friday, May 1, 2009

Tell Me It Is A Hoax

Via Nawra Nagm and Al Jazeera
I am waiting for either an official denial saying that this is a hoax and that leaked document from Israel from our embassy is not a real document or something kind !!
Already should not this message include his own signature !!! With my all respect and knowledge , pardon me but my grand father received a letter from President Sadat congratulating him on one of his books in 1970s and it included his signature !!!

Israel is harming Mubarak and it is intending to do so , it wants to harm him and isolate him from the rest of the Arab world. This act will make more hated in the Arab world , a person who celebrates the loss of Palestine !!! 
Instead of visiting the Solider memorial on the memory of 1948 war to honour of those who fell in the land of Palestine from Egyptian resistance in Palestine and our great army men like Ahmed Abdel Aziz , he is sending a congratulation letter on the Nakba anniversary !!
And to whom to the man who planned the Israeli attack on Sinai in 1956 !!!??
 Update #1:
Thanks to dear friend JP I remember to mention that this letter seems to me too unprofessional to be sent from a Presidential office. Not to mention the fact that the header included "the Egyptian Embassy " not the Presidential office in Cairo !! This is a hoax I am afraid, this is not a real letter sent from the Egyptian presidency
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  1. he did it the last year also according to el dostor and el quds al arabi

  2. Mubarak is a good president knows well whom to be good with and whom he should kick his ass.
    long live Mubarak.

  3. I don't see what's the problem? He is in peace with Israel so he is obligated to send them congrats for their "independence". Actually it will be weird not to actually. It will be a sign of disturbance in their relationship.

    Or you can name it a protocol thing.

    Either way I'm not alarmed personally, Mubarak must be considered (and he is) an Enemy of state.

  4. @bastawisi seriously; i want to kick ur ass !

  5. I think Egypt is on the brink of a major avalanche. The Egyptian English blogosphere reflects mostly a powerful minority view of Egyptians who were breastfeed by US scholarships and business grants. the US knows if you can buy off this class, you can control Egypt. Unfortunately, in a country as populace and as poor as Egypt, US dollars can go along way. It's not that difficult to find 1 million Egyptians who can be bought for hard cash among 70 million who have self-respect. I am happy to see Mubarak dig deeper for the same reason I am happy the Israelis elected Netenyaho and Lieberman. Sometimes you have to shock decent people out of their complacency. Such macabre shows of treason, from comforting zionists to starving Arabs to defaming the Arab resistance will accelerate the mounting pressure until one day...very soon...pop :) i can smell winds of change in egypt. For the rest of you who suffer from Khawaja Complex, make sure you apply for foreign passports. I have a feeling you will be going on vacation for a loooooong time. I am guessing the coming Arab cultural revolution will not involve Nancy Ajram and Ragheb 3alamah. It will look more like China's Mao Zedung Cultural Revolution. But for that to happen sooner, Mubarak and his gang should stick to the same path. I SMELL THE CHANGE!!!

  6. Seriously guys, do you believe that this a letter format to be written by or behalf of a President. This is done by a complete amateur. I bet that this is a hoax.

  7. @Mido , but sending a letter like this is another issue not to mention how it was leaked. I do not trust Al Quds Al Arabi

    @Bastawisi, whatever

    @Mohamed , do not forget in 1948 we used to be the no.1 country official that fought the existence of Israel ,our soldiers and officers were killed for God ,our air fighters attacked their capital !!

    @anonymous, I hope that you consider me from that minority that is not breastfed by the Americans as you call the majority of the Egyptian blogsphere
    Now I am afraid I found that China's Moe revolution is kind of distrubing ,I always consider Moe and his revolution on all level were suitable for China not for our region.

    @JPierre, I believe there is no signature and the letter is so crappy I do much better than ,in fact thanks for making me attention to the letter more

  8. You say it, 1948. Damn we are more stable than the Lebanese politicians.


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