Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Where !!!!?? O Where !!??

Where shall Obama say his message to the Muslim world from the heart of El-Muizz’s Cairo !!??

The press began to wonder and the people began to wonder too. Thankfully it won’t be Sharm El-Sheikh, Mubarak’s heaven !! It won’t be suitable to address the Muslim world from Sharm El-Sheikh.

It is Cairo ,the fortress all the way but where in the city of 1000 miniatures !!?? 

  • Will it be from Grand Al-Azhar ??
  • ‘Will it be  from 100 years old Cairo University ?? Today it was reported that members of the American administration and US embassy have visited it yesterday and inspected its big wonderful hall. It is not in Cairo still, it is in Giza.
  • Will it be from the Egyptian parliament ?? It is old and great but currently its majority won by cheating in elections !!
  • Will it be from the Presidential Palace of Orba ??
  • Will it be from Abdeen Palace ??
  • Will it be from the old  AUC Campus ??
  • Will it be from the Manasa in Madinat Nasr ??
  • Will it be from the new AUC Campus ??

Each location I stated here has its own significance , of course the least significant are the new AUC Campus and the Presidential Palace of Orba because they do not have any historical significant yet. Each of those locations have its pros and cons except Al Azhar .Of course this is if we put security measures aside.

Already I am sure that the location won’t be announced now for security measures , in fact we will not know except before 4th of June very shortly.


  1. Maybe from the Koshari place in Tahrir

  2. As much as all Arabs love Egypt to the bone as much as we want Egyptians to be the same. Cair has amazing historical places where Obama can address the world. But what about Pollution, dirt, traffic, dirty buildings, 3arabayat el karro, slum areas....? I'd like to see that all gone not because Obama is coming for a few hours, but because we love this country!

  3. @anonymous , not that funny.

    @Ali, I share with you the same wish ,seriously this is one of my ultimate dreams :)


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