Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mubarak’s friend in Italy is Deep Trouble

The official media in Egypt always reminds us from time to time how Silvio Berlusconi is personal friend of Mubarak and how Berlusconi can’t get enough from the President’s wisdom !!

Of course the official media ignores the scandals of Berlusconi that are making the headlines abroad giving him the fame of an old pervert !!

I was following the Berlusconi scandals that began with the accusations of his wife veronica who is filing for a divorce currently , ironically when the time of Veronica’s news was making the headlines ,he was visiting Egypt and he was having his negotiations with Mubarak !!

Now Spanish El Pais has published an explosive report based on photos taken from Berlusconi’s villa in Sardinia. The photos are for parties ,private parties ,very private !!

The man is facing investigation for abusing his authorities and using the state airlines to transfer his guests to his villa. Besides of course he is using his powers to censor the photos , in vain for sure.

This is the friend our regime is proud to have !!

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