Sunday, June 7, 2009

Historical Vote in Lebanon

Currently there is a historical vote in Lebanon, thousands of Lebanese are heading now to choose their next parliament and cabinet. Needless to say this election is not only important for the Lebanese but for the regional powers too and this is why it is important not only for the Lebanese but for the Middle East too.
Carter is currently there to monitor the elections which Hezbollah and allies are expected to win despite all the regional and international attempts to make them fail.
If they win , then we must respect the Lebanese voters choice.
The Lebanese are not naive , in fact their country is from the oldest democracies in the region , they know what it is good for them. The Regional powers game is not the only thing that bother the Lebanese voter , there are other issues on his/her mind too.
I recommend you to read this interview with Carnegie endowment for international Peace institute analyst Paul Salem  in LA Times Mideast Blog about the elections

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  1. My Dear Zenobia, I am sure you are unhappy with the election result in Lebanon but I believe it is for the best. Moderation in all things is a good plan for life and politics. The Wall Street Opinion Journal has an excellent informative article and it would be good if you posted it. I cannot cut and paste on your blog so I will type out the link. Hopefully it will work.

  2. Dear Misrcribe , I just want to clarify something even Al-Hariri's bloc does not recognize Israel and considers it an enemy state, in fact most Lebanon considers Israel as an enemy state , except of course the Lebanese forces
    I do not consider Wall Street Journal as a fair unbiased source by the way


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