Friday, June 5, 2009

No Compromises !!?? Think Again

In the past weeks as soon as Cairo was announced as the place where Obama will address the Muslim world ,there was too much doubt and criticism because of this choice. I can’t blame them , Cairo has got a bad fame thanks to the dictatorship of Mubarak. The critics did not consider the historical importance of Egypt nor Cairo as a forum to send this important message to the Islamic World. The critics oppose Mubarak’s policies and they are right about it but do you think that Obama would come without pre-conditions for Mubarak and his regime !!??

Think again !!

The answer is in front of you. Mubarak’s regime had to invite its enemies in the historical speech whether they like it to not.

Look to the guests lists :

  • Abdel Halim Kandeel of Kafiya “I do not think that he attended because he is against the visit”
  • Ayman Nour “despite he said he won’t go”
  • The MBs for the first time
  • Fahmi Howadi “The famous journalist”
  • Ibrahim Eissa “but he declined to go”
  • Egyptian Bloggers
  • Egyptian human rights activists
  • Egyptian Baha’is ,it is kind of hilarious because from couple of weeks Al-Azhar attacked them fiercely and now Sheikh Al Azhar invites them !!

Of course some invitations were sent by the American Embassy still by the names of Sheikh Al-Azhar and Cairo University Dean

I bet Hassenein Haikal has attended  too !!

This is just the guest list.

Now go back in memory and you will find that Ibrahim Saad El-Din was found innocent from treason charges and can return home and suddenly the Egyptian government decided to spare the rest of pigs in Cairo !!

Do not think that the Egyptian regime did not give back ,in fact I fear what the Egyptian regime has given or even is going to give back not for the sake of Islam but for the sake of its continuity .

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