Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ahmed Rushdie-Barely-Speaks For The First Time

I can’t find a proper introduction to describe this man except he may be the only respected and loved Egyptian minister of interior in the Mubarak era. I have not heard a single word against him from anyone I know. Most people I met always speak about his integrity ,respect, honor and pride that rarely exist in those who hold official positions in Mubarak’s era after all Ahmed Rushdie was the first and last to minister in Egypt to resign in time of Hosni Mubarak* for reasons I will explain later.

To show how Rushdie was different from other ministers in Mubarak era I will tell you that my dear reader that he himself wrote the Ahmed Rushdie resignation of his son from the Police when he became a minister because his son came to him saying that his co-officers were laughing saying that his dad should give them a bonus !!  Rushdie even wrote the resignation without the knowledge of his son. This was Rushdie.Also in his time as interior minister the brother of parliament's speaker then was arrested in a very huge scandal in the ministry of industry despite all the attempts to skip it because of his brother’s positions and connections !!

Ahmed Rushdie  played a very important and positive not only in the security of Egypt in the 20th century but its national security too , Rushdie despite his silence is from the officers who played a very important role in founding of the Egyptian intelligence , it is enough to say that he was the man who discovered Rafeat Al-Gamal and he was the one who informed the intelligence which was looking for someone with the characters of Al-Gamal about him. He also was working for the intelligence during the union with Syria “Do not know actually what its name was then” and was the first one to know about the separations plan before it happened through a Kurdish spy. Of course he went directly to Amar to warn him but Amar was busy in something !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His security did not let him meet him because he was so busy !! Rushdie was arrested after the separation and he was sent to jail in Syria , his days in jail were his worst ever as he described it. To show how Rushdie was very important to the GIS , I have to tell you my dear reader that the Godfather of the Egyptian intelligence Zakaria Mohi El-Din gave his orders that officer Ahmed Rushdie would not be transferred anywhere in the interior ministry without his knowledge.

Ahmed Rusdie is as excellent intelligence officer in my opinion as a police officer, he barely speaks just like Omar Soliman , the man was too careful to say anything for a reason I do not know. TV hostess Rola Kharsa despite being good reporter could not take more information from him. Rola made a scoop to interview the man who only last month broke his silence after two decades of his famous resignation but she did not get really scoops from him from info and testimonies about the very important eras he lived.

Already I must hint out her infamous brother in law general Al-Manaway was behind this interview as he is a friend to Rushdie’s son !!!! Also Rushdie speaks politely about Habib Al-Adly still he spoke about the importance of human rights shortly.

Speaking  about the resignation for those who do not know in 1986 ,in February 1986 to be exact there was a huge anti-riot forces uprising in Cairo because of some rumor spread by the government itself without the knowledge and then approval of Rushdie , it was like a big conspiracy with many parts in the regime inside and outside involved it , this uprising is also from the taboos or rather bad memories the regime fear to speak about it now in the media for fear of being repeated . Insh Allah I will speak about it in a separate X-File because it would be unfair to summarize it in just one or even two paragraphs. It is enough to tell you that after the interview I found couple of the regime journalists attacking Ahmed Rushdie regarding that fiasco.

The interview is not complete I am afraid , but this is the best I can get for now.

Ahmed Rushdie is an extraordinary man for sure , his assertiveness is needed nowadays to bring stability and security to the Egyptian street, we do not need more political security , we need more of general security , we need our police generals to learn from this man how he managed to crack down the infamous drug trafficking area in Cairo El-Batnia. For God sake during his time in the ministry the drugs in Egypt were very expensive not because they were of excellent high quality but because they were so rare in the street. When he resigned the drug traffickers released a new drug called “Bye Bye Rushdie” This shows you how he really got them.

You must know that Rushdie has not been honored up till now and I do not think that he will ever be honored in the era of Mubarak because he is a respectable honorable man.

I wish one day that I will be able to interview this honorable man.


*Is not strange that Mubarak accepted Rushdie’s resignation and refused Farouk’s resignation where as Rushdie is better thousands times than Hosni and what he gave to this country since 1940s was more than what Hosni did to this country and its people !!!??


  1. A very good article and i agreed Mubarak regime didnt like honest and high dignity officers or Minister to work with him, Mubarak need ass kisses and crook like him to run the country! that is the result of Egypt now that we see! no security and no law in the street! everyday there are crimes! Thanks to Mubarak!

  2. indeed anonymous honest ministers do not have place in Mubarak's cabinet , it is not General Rushdie too but we got El-Kafraway, El-Gowaily ,ahmed el-lathy too

  3. This guy is extremely frustrating!!!
    Kelmetain w rad ghatahom :D
    Reminds me of a relative of mine who was in the navy in 1967 and 1973. I once tried to ask him about his war stories and he wouldn't tell me anything because they were military secrets. I was only 13 and he wouldn't even tell me the tiniest story.

  4. why are the articles posted here in dire need of a proof reader? is it electronically translated from arabic

  5. @MO , did you see !!?? he barely said anything we do not know !!!
    I am not surprised at your relative , it seems that they are all trained n this way.

    @anonymous , no sir it is not electronically translated from Arabic , I will search for a proof reader in order to please you


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