Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mubarak Through his Son's lens

It seems that Gamal Mubarak does not share with President Gamal Abdel Nasser the name and the ambition of becoming a president only , he shares with the love of photography too !!
Today Rosa Daily on the first page showed Gamal Mubarak taking photos for the graduation of the Air forces school this year with big DSLR camera "He did not need all that zoom !!" .
Through the lens of Gamal Mubarak
The headline was not less provocative then the photo they showed, of course it is not something new on Rosa Daily
Exclusive : The president in the Air forces school captured by the lens of Gamal Mubarak
Strangely all the other newspapers including the big official ones ignore Gamal's attendance because they know it will raise unneeded questions and rumors, I do not know what is the exclusivity here to be honest !!?!?
I like Photography so much and I do not like the fact the Gamal Mubarak likes it !!:( So he likes football and photography as far as we could tell ,this is not the first time I see him with a camera, I remember from two years ago he was taking photos for the eclipse in his designer suit in the desert !!
Back to his DSLR Camera and its lens ,I wonder who was carrying for him the camera and its long lens !!??
And I wonder more why he attends the graduation of the air forces school !! Does he try to compensate his lack of military information ?? or doe he try to win allies in the army !!?? It is well known that one of the weakness points is his lack of military background in a country that is being ruled by army officers and commanders since the dune of history. Of course it is his own fault that he and his brother escaped the military service !!!??
We will leave Gamal with his own hobby and move to Rosa Daily and its chief in editor Abdullah Kamal , one of the main Gamal Mubarak speakers in the media, of course Gamal Mubarak will go to hell for depending a provocative idiot like Kamal who was graduated from the Pravda newspaper school !! Kamal is a typical product of the Nasserite control on the media despite his continuous attack on the Nasserite era !!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyhow it seems Al Masry Youm started its counter attack on Rosa Daily ,Magdy El-Gald attacked both Anas El-Faky and Abdullah Kamal in his op-ed today . El-Gald was attacking the NDP old and neo guards ,speaking about their internal conflicts with focus on the war between Kamal and El-Faky. El-Gald is speaking on how Kamal used to make from El-Faky the best minister of information in the world "despite this title has already disappeared from most of the world" in order to be promoted and become the CEO of Rosa Al Youssef besides being its Chief in editor but sooner Kamal released that the decision of his promotion is not in the hands of the neo-guard El-Faky but rather the old-guard Safwat El-Sharif who still controls press " this was the deal he would leave the TV and Radio but won't leave press" . El-Sharif shocked Kamal when the later came to him wondering why he was not promoted "as if he does not know" facing him with the ugly truth that "he is El-Faky's man" and thus since that day Kamal attacks El-Faky in his newspaper ;) Do not you love that corrupted hypocrite partisan life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I remember that I wonder why El-Faky was attacked that much in Rosa Daily , I should have known better !!
FYI Rosa Daily has the lowest distribution and readership among all the daily newspapers in Egypt and the Rosa Al Youssef publication house itself is on the verge of bankruptcy.
I have a big faith that the NDP will end on the hands of its members hopefully insh Allah , you know when two thieves argue ,they fall in the end.
We will Kamal ,Fakmy and Al-Sharif and return back to the prince of Upper Egypt. Here is a photo for him with his brother playing football in Ramadan , football is reported to their first and favorite hobby

They remind me in this shot by the twin brothers Shawky from 1990s popular cartoon "Capatin Magad" !!
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  1. مش علاف الجلاد حاطط راسه براس بكمال ليه

    عبد الله كمال ده نكرة بلا اى تأثير فى السوق الصحفية

  2. Abdullah Kamal used to attack Al Masry AL Youm over and over on a daily basis
    Yes he is nothing but he is the speaker man of the regime
    I believe Gald should ignore him like Ibrahim Eissa


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