Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Where is Naguib Gabriel When You Need Him??

An Egyptian Citizen called Mounir Said Hanna Marzouk is sent to jail because he wrote a sarcastic poem about President Mubarak . He was sentenced 3 years in jail and was fined LE 100,000 for writing the following verses about Mubarak
Shine, shine whom you shine on all of us
Shine, shine whom you shine wherever you go
No one can shine like you shine
You made people feel confused and lost
You made people feel happy and lost
Strangely we do not know about this lawsuit except when the man is going to be sent to jail , of course his family are begging the president to pardon Mounir who did not mean any insult to him according to them. Now Mounir is going to jail and I doubt that a simple teacher can pay L.E 100,000 !!?? This man if he enters jail “heavens forbid” will lose his job as teacher !!
I am so angry for those who reported Mounir to the authorities !! Are we living the Nasserite era with reports writing again !!??
I wonder where are the human rights organizations in Egypt ?? Is not this an attack on freedom of expression ??
What did Mounir do for all that ??? So what if he mocks Mubarak !!?? Mubarak is not a God , he is just a president.
I wonder where is the Church from all this ??? Or now we are a secular country !!?
I wonder Where is Naguib Gabriel when you need him ?? Does not he claim that the sole defender of Christians in Egypt ?? Or this time there is no discrimination as Muslims and Christians are treated alike when it comes to the President and his dignity !! Strangely last time I read about Gabriel was when he sued the ministry of Culture for publishing a historical book about General Jacob who collaborated with the French during their occupation to Egypt, the man by all measures , by all historical accounts is traitor but for him he is a hero because he was fighting the Othmans !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But Mounir ,the simple teacher is left to face this fearful fate alone !!!??
Back to Mubarak, I do not know why I feel that this is just a déjà vu from King Farouk’s last days in rule , there were similar cases of so-called King’s defamation against poets and journalists, I remember very well that Bayram El-Tunsi was sent to exile because of his famous poem mocking King Fouad !!!
I feel so angry and sad !!
Update : 
The Church has launched a campaign at last to gather LE 90,000 to help Mounir and Gabriel says that Mounir should be not sued because the poem is a work of literature in the end and he did not mean an offense to Mubarak !!
Ok if this is a literature work then why Azazel and General Jacob are not works of literature and Art !!
Back to Mounir I hope the church manages to gather this sum soon.


  1. انا مش شايف اى اشارة لمبارك فى الزجل اللى المدرس كتبه ؟!!

  2. The verses you translated aren't the ones he was jailed for. Of course the newspaper that published samples of his work just avoided any that mentioned Mubarak.

    Anyway, something to notice about the verdict is that the judge had the choice of a jail sentence ranging from 24 hours to 3 years and yet he used the maximum allowed. It tells how far a** kissing has infected the bench.

  3. You piece of Shit, You piece of Garbage,

    You can't write anything about anything, without putting some stupid reference to Nasser. I don't understand; do you have a warm sitting in your ass eating at you, and you have to keep referencing Nasser to get it off.

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  4. Zeino I think you mean King Fuad not Ahmed Fuad... he wasn't born yet :)

    Anonymous I think you mean "worm" not warm. Maybe you should spell check before spewing your garbage. And while you're at it why don't you try reading Zeinobia's older entries and learning some manners? At least when she talks about Abdel Nasser, even though she doesn't like his era, she doesn't use the same language you used while talking about the King. Oh and she also has the good grace not to insult people who use such disgusting language even if they disagree with her.

    On a final note, why don't you get off your lazy ass and register for a Google account? That way you can post under whatever name you choose without having to set up a "stupid and useless blog", you technologically challenged ape.

  5. I am not going to respond to you Mr. "Mo", because, to me, you are no body, and an ignorant no body for that matter.

    "Zeino" knows how to defend herself and doesn't need someone with a penis to do that for her. She already has enough poison inside her to burn a whole country. And she even knows who is The King Ahmed Fouad she is talking about. Remember, she has some drops of Turkish blood in her, and she thinks that those whore kings and amirs has that blood too.

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  6. Egyptian Chronicles is the best Egyptian News Blog in the world, If anybody do not like it, they can try to set up a similar blog that suits their tastes

    But I am sure they will never be able to make a successful one like Egyptian Chronicles

    by the way Nasser was a theif, Sadat was a theif, Mubarak was a theif.

    All of them controlled the country by Police and Army, Killed Egyptians.

    Their Families (Nasser and Sadat) own Multi Million dollars companies specially in Maritime, and I am sure they are not self made millonaires.

    ***** Them all

    Egypt was dying years ago, now I can pronounce it Dead, and there is no way the dead come back to life


  7. Well nonny, you just responded to a nobody so good for you on your opening statement and your sanity.

    I know very well that Zeinobia doesn't need me, or anyone else for that matter, to defend her. If you'd taken some time to understand what I wrote you would have gotten the point that I'm defending my right to read her entries without having to read a blatantly offensive comment such as yours.

    I didn't need to get off my lazy ass, I just happened to have a Google account and found that I could post comments under that account... believe me there's no achievement in it at all (maybe to you that might be an achievement). Although I am flattered by the fact that you checked my profile, I have to tell you that profiles are only for people who want to create them. Something I hadn't really bothered to do but I'm sure you have the hateful capacity to imagine what would be in my profile so I'll leave that to you.

    I visited this page again because I was really looking forward to some kind of thoughtful reply from you but it seems that you are as intellectually challenged as you are technologically. My deepest sympathies go out to you my dear little anonymous.

    Btw don't bother replying coz I honestly won't come back and read what you have to say... you've been a great disappointment so far.

  8. @mido, me too but these were the verses I found in most newspapers I believe Mohandes hor is right

    @مهندس حر
    I think you are , they fear to publish the real verses , hopefully someone will find that poem and publish it
    Regarding the judge ,of course he is a hypocrite ,he wants to be promoted in a fast way

    @anonymous #1 , I will tell you one thing , people do not act in this rude, pathetic ,weak and aggressive way except that they know that they can't debate through logic
    I did not insult president Nasser whom I believed is more insulted by a fan like you. What I stated in this post is a true fact documented in many instances that I can't count ,people used to report on each other dear whether you like or not.
    You know you can't debate me in this and thus you go on your rude weak rant that degrades you in the end

    @Mo , thank you much dear,1) for correction and 2) for your defense :) Do not expect from him except this rant , it is amazing that he left what is mentioned in the post and only focused in this small sentence !!

    @anonymous#2 , I am so flattered , already I am blushing thank You so much
    regarding Egypt's death , well she is not dead ,she is like the phoenix ,she will come back believe so soon insh Allah :)


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