Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rabbi Dovid Weiss of Neturei Karta Speaks in Egypt

Neturei Karta is not unknown organization in the Arabic street , thanks for their activities against Zionists and thanks for Al Jazeera which was among the first in our part of the world to spot the light on them

Rola Kharsa hosted Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss, the spokesperson of the organization which refuses the existence of Israel altogether in Palestine considering it a defiance against the will of God. Wesis and the Neturei Karta had a press conference along with the rest of the Viva Palestine Convey to Gaza in the journalists syndication in Cairo.

Neturei Karta was participating in the Viva Palestine  convoy to Gaza  along with George Gallowy and others. Of course I do not think that Sheikh of Al Azhar had met him , he only likes to meet with Jews like Shimon Perez !!

I respect Neturei Karta very much because I believe they show that our conflict is not with Jews or Judaism itself but rather with Zionism that is using Judaism to justify its existence.


  1. It was a good chance for me to vote for your blog. I'm mass_brainwash on twitter :-)

    Thanks for the note, allow me to share it!

  2. The problem with Neturei Karta is that they are a marginal group, even within the Jewish orthodoxy. However, there are many groups in Isreal who actively oppose the occupation and do try to engage with the mainstream. Here are a few examples:

  3. why you guys like to listen only to people who are agree with you? what about who is not? why we don't see any zionists in the Egyptian TV?

  4. @mass brainwash,
    Thank you for your vote :)

    @Yishaym, we know about the groups inside Israel which mostly from the secular and the leftists and what is unique about Neturei Karta is that they are with in the Jewish Orthodoxy , the far right

    @The count of Monte cristo , do you watch the Egyptian TV in the first place ?? Zionists believe that Sinai and Egypt are theirs ,why do we have to host them !!??

  5. if you believe they are wrong in this then why you are afraid of confronting?

  6. i'm sorry, you'll need much much more than this little fig leaf to boldly proclaim that your confrontation is not with jews, but rather with zionists. after all, arab countries kicked hundreds of thousands of non-zionist jews out of their lands. 30% (!!!) of all jews expelled/leaving arab countries, did not leave for israel. of those that did go to israel, a huge amount simply had no choice. considering size and participation in zionist organizations, most jews that did have a choice, chose against israel. but little did that help them.

  7. Zeinobia can you please show me proof that "Zionists believe that Sinai and Egypt are theirs"? If Zionists believe that it is theirs why did they leave those areas?
    It is the Egyptians, rather, who keep claiming that Eilat (Umm Rashrash) is theirs as can be seen here:

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