Monday, August 3, 2009

H1N1 Follow Up : 9

The ministry of health has announced 9 new H1N1 infected cases were discovered yesterday.

Our infection toll has become accordingly 283

6 from the 9 cases are Egyptians , 4 of them are coming from Saudi Arabia, one from Malaysia and one from Egypt with no connection with any previous discovered case.

The other cases are all from Japan.

All cases are currently in the hospital.

Up till 199 have been recovered , the rest are fine and we got one fatalities up till now.

Now according to the ministry of health

From the 283 cases :

  • 62 cases coming from the UK “22.6%:”.
  • 48 cases coming from Saudi Arabia “17%”
  • 41 cases coming from the United States “15%”

Of course there are other countries but these I suppose the major countries we import the virus from.

Regionally Qatar has become the second country after Saudi Arabia to record H1N1 fatality. The Qatari citizen infected in the UAE yet he died in his country.

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  1. I still don't believe all of this!

    I still don''t believe that H1N1 exists in the way the media show!


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