Monday, August 3, 2009

The Official Website of Ashraf Al Saad

Yes Ashraf Al Saad, one of the old Madoffs in Egypt has launched an official website from London. Al Saad has received recently a court w2 order to restore his company, money and properties in Egypt after paying back the money of his clients as he claims !!

Al Saad as you can you see in the picture used religion to deceive greedy citizens with my all respect. Yes they are greedy citizens who should knew better when they wanted to invest their savings in the hands of a professional crock.

Al Saad now wants to appears as the national businessman who is being prosecuted by the corrupted regime of Mubarak that fights any honorable successful businessman…etc where as he is just as corrupted as the regime. Unfortunately some people are buying what he says especially from the young generations that did not live for real what he and other Madoffs like El-Ryan had done.

Al Saad restored his media activity with the launch of satellite channels , he really loves media and the media loves him for sure. He is just another freak in the Mubarak’s era ugly circus. It is enough that Samir Ragab is defending him !! I do not trust Ragab in anything he says, so I won’t believe him when he talks good about Al Saad.

I just want to ask how he manages to live in London all those years.


  1. he's got a photo gallery on his website... of himself! Why do that? *shivres*

  2. i looked all over the internet , you are the only person that have a negative point about this man ashraf saad . i wounder why may be because he is a muslim , may be you are a jewish you , a monkey , at your nowledge , i am not egyptien and i am a muslim but not arab i am a whiteman . and you like it or not islame will privale and his laws will take over you wnet it or you d ant went it ,before insulting people read more a bout theme , instead of going to holiwood movies , and bihaving like a bitsh , fuck you if you are not muslim and go look for a jew to fuck you instead fucking dog .

  3. instead of insulting good people go read more a bout this man , instead of going to see holywwod movies , i think mister sam have got over your head with his movies , i will not be suprised if you where not muslim , cause you are the only person that insulted this man in hole the internet ,
    go learn and read bit .

  4. dear zeinobia ; do you know that mainstream banks are allowed to keep ~5% only in cash assets only of what they are loaning/working with!!! so all banks are crooks?no! government cover and insurance protects any is not saad or rayan's fault they were doing business as usual.the gov lifted the cover,that was the problem.normal banks make 25-30% profit too but they eat it all with fatcats and they give us 1-2% only.saad and rayan took only 5% gave us 25% that is all.government failed islamic companies on purpose.any bank on earth would fail if government cover/insurance is lifted and all it's customers withdrew at once. in us crisis 2008 many us banks defended themselves saying i am good i have 5% cash of my total worth.the government covered them.
    saad/rayan had 20% in cash and assets, much higher than usa banks that were covered by us gov. not to mention alsharif that had 70% in assets and cash.

    I would like to ask you if all your companies were hala
    if your answer is yes .
    i will be very proud of what you achieved ..

  6. Hello, I'am Sara's Mother can you call me on 07932840777, Shokran Haj Ashraf

  7. Dear Sara's mother this blog is not affiliated from near or far to Haj Ashraf

  8. hag ashraf just for your imformation and what im going to say is true but i cant identify myself the reason of huisni mubarak and his goverment deliberatly ignored to become in public with the report after they send away all there families to unknown places out of egypt and he didnt make his speech till he knows mrs mubarak arrived in london in secret with twenty seven suit cases and the day after his two sons and there family arrived in the uk and they are hididng in a secret place and the imbassador got full knowledge . I will get intouch with u if i get anymore imformation.

  9. mr. ashraf said i want t tell u u are good person i am ur brother form algeria i live in uk i wont to give me your number phone this is my number 00447529638285 my naqme is nadji fri3ayat ellah wahafdih thk asalam 3likoum brother take care

  10. Dear Zeinobia,
    I was surprised when you have said such words on Ashraf Al Saad, as he was trying to make business with more profits to his clients in order to attract them. And a LOT... of people has received their FULL deposits back whenever they asked, off course this was before the Gov. action to uncover them...!! FYI do you know that Al Rayan has Lend the Government 2B US Dollars... to help the Military pay their salaries and update back in 1986-87 !! And still this amount have never been paid back to him by any prime minister ever came!!
    So kindly tell us now, have you or your falks deposited any money with Ashrtaf Al Saad before?? and did you try to have it back??
    Thank you for your blog.
    Good luck for all.

  11. Mr achraf elsaad you are very good man please help me in this N) 00213793921934 my nime is adel I'm frome algeria I have eny requette frome islam for you thanck you

  12. I am origin from Egypt i am E U citizen ...all those people were stored the money of poors Egyptians in the 80 the.and money are helped by the mubarak's regime .i knew al saad in London .i never ever sow him help any person..i hope the new regime gets him back and open new investigation about all those people and how to make all this billion ....better than running after f o bank to get only 4 billion ....just only need real justice....

  13. this is not his website his real website is


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