Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Follow Up : Why I Say “No” To Hosni

First of all I am asking for your opinion : Do you think Farouk Deserves the UNESCO ?? I know that I am kind of bias but I need to know you opinion more.

Second of all Bernard Henri Levy is doing it again opening his fire on Farouk Hosni , this time it is not about Hebrew books and Jews but about freedom of expression. The freedom of expression according to Levi was the interfere of the religious establishment in our cultural life and how Hosni participating stating several examples including the Yaccobian building which I do not recall that there was any objection on it nor the film in Egypt from any kind from the religious parties.
With my all respect to Levy but he is limiting the freedom of expression because Hosni does not suppress the freedom of expression because of religious reasons , most of the times he suppresses because of political and sometimes personal reasons.
It is well that the minister blacklist all those intellectuals from writers,poets and novelists for instance SonalIah Ibrahim who refused to be honored by the ministry of Culture because of its policies and since then Hosni blacklisted him. Do you know what does blacklist mean in Hosni’s vocabulary ?? asking a french cultural festival not to invite Ibrahim for the festival if they wanted him to come !! He is one hell of a diva for sure !!
This is just a sample and the examples are too many to be mentioned. Shall I remind you with what happened to Dr. Abdel Wahab El- Messiri and how a man was neglected by the ministry of culture in his latest days because of his opposition views towards Mubarak and his policies.
Let’s leave the freedom of expression and focus on something very critical to the job description of of the secretary general in the UNESCO : Preserving the world historical heritage. Farouk Hosni in more than 20 years failed in doing so.
Stealing and trading in our historical heritage starting from the ancient Egyptian to the modern one was from the distinctive characters of Hosni’s ministry. I can’t speak about what I hear from relatives and friends on the mafia of our ancient Egyptian treasures trade in Upper Egypt starting from Fayoum up to Luxor but I can speak about various incidents : like for instance the grand temple theft of Mr. Tarek El-Suessy , the constant theft of our old Coptic and Islamic artifacts even our old Jewish books in the Coptic museum from several years.
It is not the mission of Zahi Hawas alone to protect our heritage , it is from the main duties of the minister of culture in any country for God Sake !!
This is why I am saying “No” To Hosni along many other Egyptians. It is not about Hebrew books , this is just the tip of the ice-berg. I am sad that abroad some people only focus on the anti-Semitic part which if you want to ask is false with my all respect. That firing statement in the parliament were just cheap talk , after all as we say in Egypt “The talk is free”. Farouk Hosni up till now did not open his mouth regarding our stolen ancient Egyptian monuments in Israel which were taken during the invasion years.
I am so angry because we are wasting our taxes payers money in useless campaigns and we are technically kissing other countries’ asses because of someone who should be prosecuted !!!


  1. Hosni is a real DIVA indeed! =D

  2. sad part is israel has chosen to stand aside and now he will surly win the blessing of the world and us!

  3. @Ice Queer , yeah I know how he is a real diva

    @anonymous , I read the news too and it makes me sad and angry


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