Tuesday, September 8, 2009

H1N1 Follow Up: Another School Is Shut Down

It is not only the British school in Alexandria that has been closed because of H1N1 ; the American school in Alexandria too has been closed because of H1N1 by the orders of the governor there. Both schools scored two infections.

I do not need to say that the decision to close both schools and also the fact that students were infected “even thought not from the schools” made many families across the country worry about this year. This made the presidency not the ministry of education say that the President himself has reviewed the plan of the ministries of health and education concerning the H1N1 spread in schools across the country.

Moving to Dakhalia, the governorate of late Boussy Morsi, the second Egyptian to die from H1N1 , the ministry of health has decided to temporarily suspend six doctors in 2 hospitals for misdiagnosing the late woman. Boussy’s sister is currently detained for further tests to make sure that she is carrying the flu virus that killed her sister.

Now to our daily H1N1 infection follow Up :

The ministry of health has announced today the discovery of 20 new H1N1 infected cases , all of them are Egyptians; one of them came back from Croatia and the rest are connected to previously discovered infected case.

Our infection toll has reached to 828 :(

739 patients have recovered , 2  have passed away and the rest are currently in the hospitals stable except one condition : The Polish whose condition is critical yet stable according to the ministry of health and do not ask me how his condition would be critical and stable are the same time !!

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  1. yeah, medically, condition can be critical but stable at the same time =)


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