Thursday, September 3, 2009

The News of The Day : Amr Adib To Retire from Media in 2010

Yes you heard it  correct , Amr Adib, the famous and controversial TV host of Orbit network is going to retire by the end of 2010 from media in a surprising announcement today on Cairo Centric’s “Why” TV Show today few hours ago.

It is interesting and surprising because Amr Adib is not as old as his brother Emad El-Din Adib who retired from media and TV hosting forever and despite his success in TV hosting in Egypt and even amr_adib outside it in the region he is not that powerful to retire in the midst of his success at “Cairo Today show !!”

Adib has his own business a cafe and he is planning to open a flowers shop , I do not know if he is joking or what but we should not forget that he is an Adib from the Adib media family which owns “Good News group”

Adib said in his show that he wants to get out  of his popular TV show “Safe on his legs” hinting out that Mubarak personally saved him several times from unnamed harassments and that he receives threats.. etc because of what he says in his TV show !!

Adib was under a public huge fire after his harsh criticism to the Egyptian football team earlier this year following the controversy of their theft in the confederation cup in South Africa.

I am amazed at his announcement and more amazed with what he is saying because everybody knows that Amr Adib is from the top regime speakers regardless of what he claims. Adib are from the vent tools the regime uses from time to time to calm down the anger of the people. This is what I think still I can’t deny that Adib managed to create a huge popularity and a fan base in a very short time taking in consideration Orbit is a cable network and used to be even more expensive than Showtime. I know some people will be very sad and will miss “Amora” as they used to call him.

You know I feel so angry now because I am a ShowTime subscriber and I was happy to know that both networks have merged together because now I have the opportunity to see him directly with no need to You tube !!  I like some of the episodes he presented.

By the way I wonder if you are going to miss Amr or not ?


  1. I will miss his show. I liked many of his epis and we cannt deny his show broke many rules and allowed for others to follow and build-up on that.
    Unlike you, I only believe what has been proved. As we say, there is nothing more available in Egypt than talk and talk is cheap. Anti-Amr Adeeb claimed he's prov gov and that he's only putting a show. They also take it as a point against him the fact that he is not poor and clearly from the upper middle or even high class in Egypt. As if you have to be poor to love your country and care for it for real and deal with files affecting its less fortunate citizens.
    No proof on that and it is not sufficient that his brother is related to the regime. There are families in Egypt where you can find brothers or sisters with very different political choices and even to the extreme. More important, and Im not saying that to defend the regime (Im actually counting the days for something new) but not all ppl who work in the regime or are members of the ruling party or the ppls assembly or related to them are crocks or bad ppl. I personally know several and I know they are there because they care for this country and for them this is the only way that they can be allowed to "really" help and they chose to be there instead of attending to their own professions that could earn them much more money.
    I sure hope ppl stop believing what they read any where right away without putting much thought to it, whether its on national newspapers or tv or opposition media channels or gossip, there is no reason or excuse to omitt your own rational thinking from the process.

    Going back to the show, what I found really funny and interesting is that by admitting that the president protected him from "certain" severe actions by some unnamed "figures or entities", he indirectly makes you ask does that mean that Mubarak does know that some "figures or entities" break the law to get back at some journalists or presenters for exposing them and yet Mubarak saves only few, even though he should protect all?!!

  2. Dear anonymous , I respect so much your admiration for Amr Adib and believe it or not I like some of his episodes. Being from a rich or a middle high class family does not mean he is a pro-regime or a pro-Mubarak or a pro-NDP
    Dear anonymous Lamis El-Hadidy was from the top media Organizing committee of Mubarak's latest presidential campaign , Ahmed Moussa who is known for his complete devotion for the regime presents the show with him !!
    It is not something me and other do not just claim that he is a pro-regime TV host.we watch his show too


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