Friday, October 30, 2009

El-Koshary Today

Boys and girls I would like to present to you Egypt's latest most reliable news : El-Koshary Today.This most our latest news portal websites and actually I like it more than Rosa Al Youssef Daily's portal , you can trusted it more.
El-Koshary Today is for real Egypt's first sarcastic English news websites, the man behind it is  Tarek Shalby who did more than an excellent job if I may say


  1. Great site! Thanks for the link. I wish that at least some news there would turn to be true, like Imbaba airport :)

  2. yes great site. lots of funny stuff them, keep up the good work guys!!!!

  3. Hey Zeinobia,

    Thanks a lot for the features! We're honored and humbled by your kind words - very much appreciated.

    Also wanted to clarify that while Tarek built the website, we have a team of young Egyptians working really hard to make this project a reality, each person putting in a lot of effort, and bringing a different perspective to the table.

    However, we would prefer to remain anonymous for now.

    Thanks again and please help us improve by sharing your thoughts and comments. We're very excited about this project and are hopeful we can keep up the momentum and build on it.

    Yours with Koshary,

    The EKT Team


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