Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Goldstone Defends Himself in Israel

Richard Goldstone is defending himself in Jerusalem Post , the Jewish judge was under huge fire and criticism from Israel and its supporting lobbies from around the world in a disgusting way simply because he did his job well !!!Goldstone
I do not understand even why he had to explain himself to Israel , he was doing his job and he did it as it should ,it is not his mistake that Israel did not want to cooperate as it should according to international laws !!
Goldstone did his job as he had done in different parts of the world and he does not have to justify himself every time he presents the findings of the investigations he led to the UN Human rights council for God sake.
Now here is the full report “Advanced full report” and you can check the methodology to make sure that Goldstone was not biased. You can find the report in different languages with more information here.
BY the way I read something today that Russia is going to use its veto in order to stop this stop from going to Hague !! Is that true !!?? To be honest I will not be surprised , this is Russia as we always know it since 1967 !!
At the same time the United States is not going to use the Veto !!?? Are they playing the good cop , bad cop with us or what ??? !!


  1. I don't think he's defending himself, nor that he thinks there's any need for him to defend himself. I think he believes, as I do, that it is important for Israel to listen to him and wake up - for its own good.
    Israelis need to open their eyes to the horrors done in the name of their "security". It is their only hope, as much as it is the only hope of the Palestinians.
    There's a saying in Hebrew: we either hang on to each other or hang next to each other. Its time that Israelis and Palestinians realise that there are only two sides to this tragedy: the living and the dead.

  2. @Yishay: Nice comment but who needs to make the choice for real? I do not see what else can the Palestinians do and its not like they hold the keys or made a choice, their choices have been imposed on them.

    As long as this racist dream of having a Jewish state exists in the minds of Israelis this wont happen. They need to realize this is not how states survive and they also need to acknowledge past and present injustices suffered by Palestinians because of their quest for their "homeland" and work on rectifying that.

    Regarding Russia's use of veto: No surprise, I dnt see any pressure from any Arab countries on that issue to pass w/o a veto and having Russia instead of the US do the dirty trick is only a message that Israel's back isnt only protected by the US and if it wasnt Russia is wouldve been the UK or France, someone must jump to the rescue we all know that.

    Im wondering how many rulers are not liking the idea of having the same method used against them and how such a trend could have one of them facing charges at the ICC and why isnt Egypt throwing all it has behind that report?!

  3. He doesn't need to defend himself...Israel is one country, not God.

  4. Anonymous, I guess you should focus a bit on contemporary joint arab-jewish history and understand why Jews insist on having their own country. choices? the arab world made a few choices regarding jews. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Farhud is one of them. what has the arab world done to rectify that?

  5. ArabJew, First off, my comment was about Palestine how is the Arab World relevant here? and the choices comment related to the choices that the Palestinians had or are now claimed to have, again how is that related to what happened to Jews in Arab countries? and since you are mixing the 2, history also speaks of how some Arab jews made a choice to change their loyalty from their countries, to do hostile acts against their own country, to spy against their own, to leave their own country. While some other Jews rejected Zionism and had their loyalty only to their own country and realized that living in a stolen land wont turn it to a homeland and that they were in their home land.

    Jews like yourself need to stop coming up with excuses for what happened and is still happening in Palestine. If someone walks in and killed my family or kicked me out of my house does that mean I can go around and do the same to others? what kind of logic is that?

    What ever ill treatment they received in Arab countries is of course unfortunate but was not the norm and certainly increased once it was becoming clear what the Zionist Western Jews were up to in Palestine. I disagree with how my gov in Egypt dealt with the issue for sure and I would rather live in the same cosmopolitan society my grand parents had the chance to live in but I also wonder why didnt the Egyptian Jews step up and make it clear their loyalty is to their own country not else where? and why ppl like you fail to see how the Zionist plan was targeted also against those Arab Jews living for ages in Arab countries as citizens? Sadly, both Arab countries and Arab Jews fell into the ploy.

  6. We will never forget 1400 years of Jewish nakba!
    We will never forget 1400 years of Arab/Muslim occupation of the Land of israel!
    Long live Israel!
    Free Israel!


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