Tuesday, October 20, 2009

He Will Not Rule “Insh’ Allah” !!

From 5 days ago the Egyptian campaign against succession was born and officially today it is starting. No doubt it is very promising especially that includes different personalities from different political parties and views like Ayman Nour, Dr.Hassan Nafea, Anwar Al Sadat JR , Hamden Sabahi ,George Isaac and representatives from other Egyptian parties.

I do not need to explain what succession they are fighting ; they are fighting Gamal Mubarak and his attempt to rule Egypt after his father. Here is the campaign official website “.org domain would be better”, I notice it is a Web 2.0 campaign with official flickr stream

The announcement of the campaign for sure created too much buzz especially with the current talk about presidential elections in 2011 and in those 5 days you can’t believe the level of attack this campaign received from the regime’s press and its allies.

First news that Republican Freedom house is supporting this campaign which means treason as if the Egyptian regime did not cooperate with the Republicans for 8 years in the first year !!

Second we got news that the members of the campaign are angry from Ayman Nour and how it is making it as his own party and he will do whatever he wants !! Well Hassan Nafea made it clear to the press that it is not Nour’s campaign only and the later knows that very well. Of course the regime press is using the statements of Nafea to destroy the campaign in its early days but I believe the members who are the top dissidents in the county understand very well what the regime is capable of doing ; most of these guys if not all of them know that first hand !!

Third the NDP losers in the facebook made a counter-campaign called “We want you” supporting Gamal Mubarak “despite officially he did not declare he will become a candidate !!”. This is so lame for sure from their side.

Fourth some people predict that their campaign would fail , well you never know seriously , yes they probably fail but at least they are sending message to Gamal Mubarak that we do not want him !!

I do not want to lose hope in anything.

P.S I really like the slogan of the campaign “ Mayehkomsh” which means literally “He does not rule” ;)

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