Saturday, October 24, 2009

I Am … Sasha Expensive !!

Beyonce Knowles is not going to sing in Malaysia in her latest world tour but she is going to sing in Egypt. Oh yes Beyonce is going to sing in Egypt at Port Ghalib in Marsa Alam next November 6th , mark you calendars !!

If you are interested to attend the event of the year at the famous South Eastern resort here are the ticket prices :

Ticket Price Privileges
Stage ticket 250 LE Non except attending the event
Gold ticket 1000 LE An access to the VIP area and a cash bar
Platinum ticket 2000 LE An access to open bar, after party and VVIP area

Wow a VIP area and VVIP area !! And from 250 LE to 1000 LE suddenly !! This is big leap !!??

These prices are published in Al Ahram weekly edition yesterday and I wonder what Be-g-21-10-2009-12-2-39normal Egyptian will think about paying 2000 in order to see Beyonce live singing “Single lady” !!

Of course I know that every who is who in the Egyptian society from the so-called  Crème de la crème will be there , there are already some names circulating in my mind.

You won’t drive or travel by air to be accurate to Port Ghalib only for few hours to see Beyonce , the Kuwaiti owned resort presents packages if you are interested to stay !!

I do not need to look in a crystal ball to know that a group of MPs whether from the NDP or MB “mostly from MB” will reject this concert and will raise the issue in the Parliament , I predict also Nabiah Al-Wahash will do the same thing.


  1. I'll give you a hint for the reason behinde the leap in the ticket price.
    Naser Alkhurafi the owner of the resort has been suffering losses from this resort since it was built.
    so the easiest way to cut these losses of the resort is by making it pay for it self by taking advantage of the spoiled (LOL). I've seen far greater singers with far less ticket prices, "unless you agree with kanye west" LOL. This guy is samrt. By the way, highest ticket price for the Malaysian concert is about $172 and the highest price ticket in egypt is $366. adding the thousends whome will attend the 200 LE class to the probable same price range for both the egyptian and malaysian concerts, you will get it.
    PS: the Malaysian concert is either postponed or cancelled, which ever is safer for her highness, due to terrorist threats.

    A Kuwaiti internet surfer, who has your blog in his blogs bookmarks :)

  2. She's isn't worth 50 cents. She can't act and her new album is garbage. Her career and songs went down the toilet when she married that drug dealer/pimp jayz.

    Only wannabe white American Egyptians will go 2 this crappy concert.People you are Egyptians not Americans. Stop trying so hard to adopt and be part of a culture that is not your own.

    Maybe they do need a religious and cultural revolution in your country to clean it out of the americanization that have taken over. You yourself are obsessed with american culture and life magazine.

  3. can u watch these videos carefully
    look what beyonce will be doing on stage
    please search on youtube ( beyonce, sasha fierce demon possession )

  4. @dear Kuwaiti internet surfer whom I am proud that he has my blog in his bookmarks :) , another problem El-Kharafi meets in his huge project is that Port Galab is too far from Cairo , most people in Egypt go either to Gouna or Port Sokhna which are much cheaper than Ghalab
    There is another problem Al-Kharafi owns the airport of the city and there is no much air flights there , unlike other cities.

    @anonymous I do not know what is that thing with White Americans term !! ironically Beyonce and her Jay_Z are black !!
    People simply obsessed with her because in the eyes of many men she is sexy as simple as that ,it has nothing to do with Culture and globalization just like Ruby and Shakira !!
    Do you know that Life Magazine is closed ?? my dear the word obsess is a big word

    @hamada40,my dear those who will pay to see her do not care that much about these theories
    If it were for me I would bring Fairoz not Beyonce on that stage

  5. Assalamu Alikom

    for any culture to compete, there should be a strong media arm.

    the strongest media arm now is for such crap kind of culture... the culture of body and instincts.

    our youth are being, on daily basis, exposed to a hugh amount of video clips, ads, films, and even TV series that make their focus see nothing but the desires that should not take a minute of thinking for a balanced human with real life cases that should be in the center of his interests.

    Can anyone tell me what if this concert were announced to be held 10 years ago? what would be the case then?

    This is a traditional cultural replacement scheme... This scheme provides a granted way for failure and the results are very clear for all of us.

    I remember when I was Kid, my family considered the famous "SAVO" ad. a rude way for marketing a product.

    To return to our culture we have to build a strong media arm that can enter every home and be viewed by all citizens.

    Yes, these are words I know... but there should be an initiative... and then I think that everyone that really love his religion and country will participate in it.

    sorry for the long comment
    w Assalamu Alikom

  6. Assalamu Alikom,

    to be honest, Nasser El-Kharafi is not the ultimate responsible for this concert. in business world, Naser El-Kharafi is really concerned with the reports he got from his employees and their achievements. you may think me exaggerating if I told you that he may even do not know about the concert, but this really may be true.

    Just like a factory owned by a non-Engineer.. he will never be concerned on how the machine runs... he will only be concerned with how much the revenue will be.

    I am not defending him... Sure he is responsible and ALLAH will ask him for that... I am just stating a fact that as long as the machine runs, who cares about the mechanism.

  7. ok folks... let's stop right there. Beyonce will not be throwing a free concert on tv. People have to deliberately buy a ticket and attend the show. If you don't like it, then don't spend the money, it's as simple as that. I don't understand this need to control others, telling them what they should and should not do. Her Egyptian fans who will be attending have all watched her videos (i guess you would've prevented that too if you could).
    Just leave Allah out of your discussions, let him be the judge instead. You people aren't saints. Allah will judge you just like he will judge everybody else. But let the people decide whether they want to have one night of "realistic fun" or worry about some "Allah" that may punish them for not being hypocrites.


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