Thursday, October 1, 2009

Just Wondering About The Yemen’s War

I wondered from couple of weeks ago about this on going war in Yemen which the world seems to ignore despite hundreds of innocent civilians have been killed and thousands have been displaced for months now.

People told me that it is part of the Saudi-Iranian cold war in the region where Ali Abdullah Saleh represents the Sunni Saudi and the Huthis represent the Shiite Iranian but then when you look to the profile of Saleh you will be surprised to know that he is a Zaydi Shiite Muslim just like the Huthis , oh yes dear he is a SHIITE Muslim !!

This shows that it is not about religious rivalry or sectarian differences.

Also King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia is going to visit Syria after his invitation to Bashar Al Assad to attend the inauguration of the KAUST and the official Saudi denial that it will let the IAF use its skies to hit Iran. Syria is a proud ally of Iran and for sure Al Assad is playing a role as a mediator between Saudi Arabia and Iran just like between Iran and the West.

So this shows you that it is about regional rivalry either , again Saleh is a Shiite and logic says he will be on the Iranian side more , already from the Saudi blogs I feel that the Saudi people are not fond of him that much.

So what is or who is behind this terrible war ??

Well rumor says it is not about regional powers more about internal powers collision on rule between Ali Abdullah Saleh’s son Ahmed who is expected to take over the rule of Yemen after father’s and one of the army commanders there , I am trying to remember his name but unfortunately I forgot to write it down :(

Ahmed Saleh

Ahmed is currently assigned to head the troops which are fighting the Huthis in Sa’dah and just like other sons of Papa presidents he has share of corruption cases involving bribes and using influence.

Again I do not know much about the war in Yemen but if that rumor is true then Ahmed Saleh and that other general will send Yemen to hell , not only they will be causing the death and displacement of thousands but also regional instability. Of course those two men can also have a regional back up , the world’s silence is a proof of this.

I wonder where the role of the Arab league is in this conflict , of course Egypt after what happened in 1960s thinks twice before involving in any Yemeni affair.


  1. how safe is it nown for a western tourist to visit Sanaa?

  2. I do not know really but I think Sanaa is faraway from all that jazz


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