Saturday, October 31, 2009

RIP Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud

Mustafa Mahmoud , the great scientist and thinker has passed away today in his house in Mohendessin earlier this morning after months of illness. He was 88 years old
The funeral prayer will be held now or after El-Asr prayer according to Cairo Local time at his famous mosque in Mohandessin.
May God bless his soul.
I think the State did not honor this man as he deserved. Besides his role in bridging Science and faith Dr. Mahmoud’s Charity was one of the best charities in Egypt. It is enough that for years the Mustafa Mahmoud Charity organizes a medical caravan annually to present medical services in the remote areas in Egypt like the oasis of Western deserts where there are no medical services at all.
May God bless his soul again.
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  1. Can you imagine how an intellectual place -beside the books - about 400 episodes of "Science and Faith"! May he rest in peace, and may Allah be blesed with his soul. Thanks Zeinobia for sharing this with us!

  2. Mohamed Elqusbi10/31/2009 08:49:00 PM

    I think this the most important of the today's news.
    May ALLAH gives him the peace which He deserves.

  3. رحم الله اموات المسلمين

  4. Mustafa Mahmoud Forum
    منتديات الدكتور مصطفى محمود

  5. I used to watch his programs in my early teenager years & I am still enjoying his explanation about science according to quraan. May Allah bless him & put mercey in his soul.

  6. he was a great philospher and a gentlemen...


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