Saturday, October 17, 2009

Shokeir’s 100 Egyptian 2009

Dear Ahmed Shokeir’s survey for the 100 influential was closed last month and its surprising results had been announced , well actually not all its results are surprising but rather the choice of the most influential Egyptian in 2009.
First of all we do not have these kinds of lists in Egypt regularly , second you must know that this was held on an Egyptian blog , the participants are considered a very small sample from the Egyptian society “More than 120 participants on his blog and more than 300 participants in the event on the face book” and some may considered it as unrepresentative sample still most of the answers surprisingly represent the views of most Egyptian people as I see it.

I will represent the first nine most influential people Egyptians in 2009 according to votes  :
  • In 10th place for 168 points The Egyptian National football team trainer Hassan Shahata.
  • In 9th place for 181 points businessman Naguib Sawiris.
  • In 8th place for 200 points president Hosni Mubarak. “26 votes”
  • In 7th place for 200 points journalist Ibrahim Eissa . “46 votes”
  • In 6th place for 202 points businessman Ahmed Ezz.
  • In 5th place for 215 points scientist Ahmed Zowail.
  • In 4th place for 262 points TV hostess Mona El-Shazely.
  • In 3rd place for 325 points footballer Mohamed Abu-Tarika.
  • In 2nd place for 364 points Gamal Mubarak.
Now to my surprise :
  • In 1st place for 496 points comes Islamic TV preacher Amr Khalid.
With no doubt that the previous nine except for Ahmed Zaweil has play an important and influential role in our lives in 2009 but Amr Khalid !!??
Amr Khalid
I can’t keep thinking that the timing of this survey came at the seasonal peak of Khalid’s popularity after his Ramadan TV shows this year contributed much to this result besides of course the role of religion in our lives. Yet Khalid has a very influential role whether through his foundation or his TV shows through out the years in our Egyptian life nobody can deny that makes him deserve to be in the list but No.1 in 2009 !??
Of course this is my only point of view and if You ask me who are the top influential Egyptians in 2009 who affected the lives of Egyptians whether positively and negatively with no arrangement I would say the following :
  • Hatem El-Gabely , minister of health
  • Youssef Ghali, minister of finance
  • Gamal Mubarak
  • Ahmed Ezz
  • Mona El-Shazely
  • Abu Tarika
  • Hassan Shahata
  • Amr Khalid
  • Ibrahim Eissa
  • Hosni Mubarak
You can read the rest of the top 100 Egyptians 2009 in Shokeir’s post , it is wonderful for sure and interesting. Hopefully that this will be annual custom for Shokeir to hold every year and that next year insh Allah it will be even more bigger and more organized and for more than 9 days. I believe Shokeir should have more help from Egyptian bloggers and activists.
By they we really need to have this sort of surveys in Egypt , we also need our own national version of Keith Olbermann’s “Worst Person in the World” on a monthly basis.

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