Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tamer Azab Speaks

Tamer Azab spoke yesterday to Al Dostor Daily about his arrest experience. As usual he was abused by the Police and his rights were violated because Tarek Nour is simply a 44 NDP mogul !!

Today he also spoke to Daily News Egypt , I will quote what he had there :

I was treated like shit,there was everything, verbal humiliation, beating and no food to eat. You had to pay to eat

The Arabic network for human rights has released a statement about the insulting police bias to Nour against Azab

I hope Tarek Nour enjoys the publicity because it is international now ": France 24

Sadly enough Azab did what Nour was saying and calling for in his provoking railways ads ; he was a real Egyptian who said NO to the wrong things in his country !! Of course Azab did not know during the NDP rule he should Yes to the wrong things in his country !!??

Why on earth would a young man spend a terrifying night in jail with cons and addicts for doing the right thing ???

It is not about Tamer Azab and Tarek Nour but about every person in Egypt who tries to stands against everything wrong in it , about every person who wants to correct what this wrong in this country !! It is about the influence of the corrupted and those connected to regime. Azab is from a simple Egyptian family with no connections what so ever and this is why he received this ill treatment just like the rest of Egyptians.

Be sure there are hundreds of Azab who received the same ill treatment like him just because they tried to fight corruption in Egypt.

Again what happened to Azab can happen to anyone of us and this is why we should highlight this incident, this is why as Egyptians we should listen to Nour and stand against the wrong things in this country.

Here is Azab’s group in facebook , the young student who lived in Kuwait most of his life seems to lose faith in his country , I bet he would leave after the graduation !! Already I think his detention was just a little lesson for him “Do Not Mess With NDP Moguls”


  1. I hope he decides not to leave Cairo after wards and to keep faith. Best thing to do is provide us with info regarding the ads Tarek Nour stole and we can all send emails to the companies owning such ads informing them of copyright violations to their rights in their adds. It should be Tarek Nour and not Azzab taken into custody for breaking the law.


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