Egyptian Chronicles: ElBaradei To Amanpour : Never Say Never

Friday, November 6, 2009

ElBaradei To Amanpour : Never Say Never

It is international now , ElBaradei was interviewed yesterday by Christiane Amanpour in CNN and it would have been a very repeated interview if Amanpour only focused on Iran “Despite in the website it is all about Iran”  ; she could ignore the fact that he caused a buzz last month in his home country when he spoke directly about the Presidential elections in 2011.

Amanpour asked him if he will run for Egyptian presidency and he answered that he does rule out run for Egyptian presidency in 2011 making it clear that he will only consider it if there is a free and fair election and that is a question mark still in Egypt.
A big question mark indeed , he is still using diplomacy but may be this time his answer was more specific , more changeling too to Mubarak and son if I may say. We all know that it will be hardly to have free elections if we do not have a complete and honest judicial supervision or international supervision which by the way was requested by the Egyptian campaign against succession lately.
I really love the fact his indirect statement that we do not have real free democratic elections in Egypt. Man I know how the official media will receive this.
ElBaradei with these statements has renewed the debate and this is a good thing because it shows that from 79,999,999 million Egyptians there are other people than Gamal Mubarak who can actually rule this country.
I think Washington is regarding ElBaradei as a potential candidate ,the man has two things Gamal do not have : Political experience and popularity in the country just like Amr Moussa.
BY the way I am turning to find the complete Amanpour’s interview online but I have not been so lucky up till now. All what I find is that part concerning Iran.

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  1. ...keep dreaming!

    btw no post on the palestinian MD killing soldiers?

  2. Al Baradei for presidency! =) That would be great.

  3. zeinab it is Amanpour like aman ya rabby aman!

  4. Seriously learn to spell the name of REAL journalists. Shou hatha? Intee ta3benee akhir ta3ab.

  5. Please edit your post and correct the spelling of her name. Try to be more thorough in your posts. Still haven't taken any English classes I see. Spend less time watching boring Egyptian tv and use that time to take English grammar Zenobia!

  6. Some Anons think this is an English language class. Its her blog shes free to do or spell words as she likes.

    To first anon why is she dreaming? is it now a dream that the ppl wish for another candidate to run? is it a dream that another Egyptian dares to say he might run? Are you one of those NDP dogs getting 1200 p/m to sell your ppl and serve your masters?

    I hope the Shabab el Wafd moves and pressures their own party leaders to act on what Al Baradi said. Even if he losses he would have given hope to the ppl esp young ones and they will have to do a lot to make sure the votes are rigged which could expose them. I wish ppl have more dignity and realize we deserve better than the junior the father and the ndp

  7. There are people who are fluent in English but have nothing to say - I think, you, "Anonyous" are one of them...

  8. 1200 le p/m ndp dog (lol tx for the name)11/07/2009 12:21:00 PM

    1 just like all UN retirees will receive his handsome pension and ride off into the sunset like anan and ghali.

    2 he is a technocrat not a politician!

    3 his whole family is here why would he want to create animosity with a government that gives him and his family preferential treatment.

    overall, when buzz is created in western media by arabic leading figures it never translates to our own! in other words elbaradeis comments were for western consumption 'lil tasdeer.'

    we already have a great crop of candidates out there! gamal mubarak or omar slieman would be perfect!

  9. you are most welcomed, what can I say youve earned the name for sure.
    I take it you are God and knows what are the mans' true intentions sa7?
    So, you really believe that his work did not involve any politics what so ever? This man has a Law degree, worked as a diplomat for so many years, was elected to head a very sensitive int org w/o begging for his country's support or even asking for it, please go and do some readings on what his current job entails and then come back and convince me why the failed banker son of the president has more political experience than him. His direct family is abroad also what preferential treatment are they getting? his sister is a well known professor known bec shes good at her job none of them are where they are today because they relied on their daddy.
    Grouping Gamal with Omar Soliman is an insult to Omar Soliman. Tell me what has this Gamal done on his own? have you ever seen him walking the streets alone? what does he know about the ppl he wants so badly to rule? how do you expect a bright future from someone who was close friends to what is now a list of criminals from Mamdouh Ismail to Talaat moustafa? what development can we expect from someone who doesnt speak out against the brutality of the police? encouraging legislations meant to gag freedom of speech? with zero understanding of our foreign policy priorities? insults his own ppl by claiming they are lazy while they suffer constant corruption, price increases, bad healthcare, education, etc? someone who was fine with the NDP attacking its own ppl as being ungrateful, a first in the history of political parties really? BTW if you do not knw that by now its a fact Gamal is involved in ruling the country, mostly by having the upper hand in appointing particular ministers. This means we've already seen his performance and his way of thinking and its not encouraging at all.

  10. Bravo to our last Anon for a very good comment! 100% correct and it is about time for father and Son Co. (Gamal Jr and Mubarak) to go! Egyptians life standard is almost equal to Somalia! Dont forget during King Farouk time, Egypt was a rich and democratic country! People used to have their nannies from Italy or France and all the Arabs, Greek and Turkish they used to come to work in our country but now our young generation dying trying to cross the ocean to find a better life, shame on Mubarak, Gamal and all his corrupted supporters!

  11. Last Anon, many thanks just one thing, I do not consider all those who support mubarak or gamal as corrupt some ppl really believe in them and that's their right but what I dislike is bad mouthing other potential names w/o bringing any objective points forward. At the end of the day and unlike what some like to make it seem this is not personal. This is a job and like all jobs you need to choose the best candidate and to do so you have to compare the pros and cons of each candidate and it is exactly there where gamal fail. If those who are love him just told him to set his course away from his dad he might have had more ppl liking him and more ppl respecting him even if they do not see him as a president but instead he played it safe and I think he lost from day 1.


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