Thursday, November 12, 2009

Loud Lost Screams

On my way home today I passed by Zamalak sports Club, it is one of the main Egypt VS. Algeria big game tickets outlets in Mohendessin area along  with the shooting club. There was huge queue there just like yesterday in fact it seemed that there was a huge protest just like yesterday. Young football fans were protesting for waiting too long for ticket they did not get. I saw them in the end when they began to move towards the TV cameras screaming
We Want Tickets
I managed to record a part of the long queue where people seemed to waiting for hours to get tickets as well as the security present in the area , there are anti-riots forces there in order to stop any clashes or any riots would happen from the angry football fans.

By the way I have heard that the 3rd degree ticket which is sold for LE 15 is being sold now in the black market for LE 150 !!
It is very sad because it will be much better if I had heard those football fans screaming “We Want better education , We Want better health care system, We Want clean water and clean streets, We Want better salaries and better food , We Want democracy , We want our rights backs “ but unfortunately all what I heard was “We Want tickets” !!! It was just loud lost scream !!


  1. This is what they care for. No wonder they scream for it. =)

  2. That is what the regime wants 'the Opium' for the Egyptian people to forget about their main problem in lives and focus on 'football' and stay away from 'politics'! so next time they drink water mixed with sewage dont complaint coz Egyptians people deserve it! They dont stand up for their rights! eat and sleep for 'football' and good luck coz they needed it!

  3. How pathetic the Egyptians are. Not willing to do anything for the Palestinians but happy to protest for football tickets. Willing to beg Westerners for centimes at rubble piles but unwilling to make a real effort to fight a war for their own territory or Palestine.

    Foot-ball is irrelevant. Long live the martyrs of 1 November. Maybe one day Egyptians will learn about national liberation.

  4. @Medsha, :(

    @anonymous, by the way some people stand up for their rights like Mahalla or those villages with no water access , they can stand for their right when they want more than you can think

    @Col Chaabani , my dear if you respect the martyrs of 1 November you would dare to write whatever nonsense you have written.Check back the history and then talk to me dear and yes Football is irrelevant

  5. A Moroccan prover says: "-What do you need, poor? -A ring, my lord"
    So is the case with tickets.


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