Friday, November 27, 2009

System Failure

I am amazed at the official statements and leaks which state that the Egyptian regime knew about the bad attentions of the Algerian regime and their support for the Algerian hooligans for at least 2 days prior to the match; in other words the Egyptian regime knew what was going to happen and it let it happen to its citizens in Khartoum !!!??

Our Embassy in Khartoum knew in advance that the Algerian hooligans had emptied Um Darman’s markets from knives and swords 3 days prior to the match and according to National security expert  and former national security officer Sameh Seif El-Yazal Said Boutaflika planned for that night in Algiers on Saturday the 14th after the defeat of the Algerian national team in Cairo. So if we have all this intelligence why we waited till we have been attacked.

I am not speaking about Algeria this time, I am speaking about a system failure. It is not the first time we know that our regime is a reactive , in fact this time it is worse ; it is not even reactive nor anything , it has been standing still since last week leaving us to explode from anger.

Officially we did not do anything except vague statements regarding the attacks on our citizens in Khartoum including the statement of the President himself, we did not do anything officially for real to stop these lies against Egypt in the world because of this damned match. Alaa Mubarak’s phone calls are not enough to make people forget that night.

Up till now we have been humiliated on a daily basis whether in online or in press or on TV and our regime is watching, with my all respect we are not waiting for couple of live TV shows to attack Algeria ; we want a real official action to restore back the rights of our citizens who were attacked in Khartoum and our businesses that were damaged in Algeria.

I respect Algeria though and its people still as an Egyptian citizen I want my government to do something officially to make me feel I can raise my head high again at least temporarily .  If the insult comes from an enemy is a natural thing but when it comes from someone I consider a friend and an ally ; it is another thing. The insult did not come from Algeria only this time but it came from Sudan. Our strategic ally has abandoned us despite what Mubarak had done unfortunately for Bashir and the ICC tribunal ; of course this is the natural result when you depend on someone like Bashir and his regime. Yes Omar Soliman went there accompanied with Abu El-Gait for protocol uses only to thank Al-Bashir and remind him of what he and Mubarak had done for him to escape the ICC but then what !!!??  His personal envoy goes to Algeria and claims that they had fed up with us !!??

Could this happen in time of President Nasser or President Sadat ?? I do not think so.

Mubarak had the opportunity to gain lots of points but he wasted as usually along with his son Gamal ; they do not deserve these points unlike Alaa Mubarak whom suddenly became the voice of the average Mohamed in Egypt.

I do not know what kind of regime is in Algeria but surely it won a lot of undeserved points because of this game which has entered our political history before our sports history.

Of course we think about it , I could not expect our regime to attack in different way than the way it is doing ; this is a regime that loves failures ; addicted to failures to be accurate. It is a natural thing to reach to this result.

Hopefully we learn from mistakes ; not repeating them at least as citizens !!

You know most people thank God that we did not win as our fans could have been slaughtered in Khartoum , well I thank God now that our regime did not act as it should because then Gamal Mubarak could have won undeserved popularity ; let him lose more and more as we do not forget easily


  1. i agree with u completly in ur point of view coz if our regime did well in this problem Gamal really would gain alot alot of points thank God

  2. We learn from this the hard way

    1. that you don't team up with wanted war criminals even if they are arabs and muslim brothers

    2. to choose carefully whom we regard as friend and brother

    3. to try to look through a ruse once something fishy occurs

    for ex. why is it that the worst outcome of the Khartoum massacre is Marwa's lost eye and 21 light injured people? A few small stones in Cairo caused 3 hurt Algerian players most theatric of course. Now THINK: if 15000 armed Algerians had seriously hunted down each and everyone of us (as the story goes) I guess there would be much more damage because they are good at that. So may be that is why our government acts so tamely? May be there is much more propaganda involved as it seems at first hand?

  3. Salam,
    I am an Algerian and I say it just a football game not a war, both regimes used this incident to their own political intrests.It happens that the Algerian regime played smarter and won, I emphasize the regime not the Algerians people.
    If the Egyptian regime took responsability to what happens to the Algerians players in Cairo as Egypt guests, nothing of that will happen. When all the world was watching bloodied faces of young Algerians on video, the Egyptian regime was and still denying these Algerians players their victimhood and treating them as cheat and deceit.Anybody whos knows anything about Algerians, will know that terms like"Hogra", "Nif" are as water and brething air to the Algerians.
    Nobody will deny Egypt and Egyptians their History,their leadership in the Arab world, Egypt is Egypt for god sake.We don't want you to feel that Algerians did yoy any unjustice, because us Algerians, it's the last thing that we want to do to you, or anybody else for that matter.
    May god give you and give us peace, and Rahma in your hearts and ours
    Redouane B.

  4. first of all happy feast for u ZEINOBIA

    i am s Sudanese guy who has been living in Egypt for a lot of time , and i have know Algerians for a big time in my stay in Egypt

    1- the Algerian and the Egyptian society has too much in common , they have enough troubles in their daily basis , they have no role model to look up to , they have high percentage of youth/ total population that don't have a job , frustrated and wants to get away.
    the Algerian citizen , have a rough facial structure compared to eh egyptian , quick on the trigger , but the only thing that will make them mad if u tried to mock them and play with there sense of pride
    the Egyptian citizen , is on the other hand "ebn nokta" as we can say , but he gets mad for the same reason as the Algerian . The media in both countries was a very good catalyst to turn this football game into life or death battle , specially "Shalby & his friends in private media channels" , and AMR ADEB who was showing his emotions as an Egyptian in disregard to his role as a supposed neutral journalist who should not eat the bait that Dragged him to this swap with no need.
    this football game provided the 2 regimes with a golden opportunity to have a break and catch there breath from the continues attack that they has been facing for the whole year .

    2- the Qumiyya al-arabia this president Nasser's dream , he belived in it , worked for it , and his vision was to have a unified nation with egypt as a leader . back then egypt had the human resources and the vision to lead this nation , but as Mohamed al Afghany once said - as i remember , correct me if iam wrong-" they agreed to disagree". this is y there was too much setbacks for that project . nowadays you can't say Qumiyya AlArabiya , and egypt is the leader , egypt was a leader when it used to keep up with other nations and know what is right or wrong and try to fix it , but when it stopped doing that and decided to close its doors and watch , the position that what she used to take for granted has slept away bit by bit from her hands and suddenly the Khartoum Battle was a wake up call to the system that i hope to take it seriously and start to organize the house from inside then the outside will come along other than that, ex the same country that destroyed israil's strongest defense line and transfered 100000 soldiers from one side to the other with MIN casualties in 1 hour can't now handle its own Capital waste situation !!!!!
    the system should realize that the leadership that they used to enjoy has been dead and gone.

    3-for the Sudan part , it was the best of the worst , it may have been chaotic , and the security forces focused only on the security of the stadium not the streets ,but in the end the choice of Sudan minimized the casualties and believe or not what happened is the best case scenario , try to imagine if this game has to be played in either Tunisia , Libya, morocco , Nigeria, Ghana, or south Africa ??

    believe it or not Sudan is the only alley that u have right now , if the government screws things up with them, believe me Egypt will have the same feeling as the guy who was taking a shower and suddenly the bathroom door gets opened. the Sudan has a lot of natural resources that Egypt needs , the Sudanese government are afraid of there own youth , coz they cause alot of problems if they had a break so they r tear things down on them and driving them away from the country , the Sudanese country is way too diverse and have lot of ethnicities and cultures in it "and that is the best soil for a civil war" , if Egypt didn't learn from china and to start REALLY to invest in Sudan other countries will come , and if the Sudanese government continued the path they are taking maybe they get some stuff worked out with the USA and more investors will come in , by then it would be too late for Egypt .

    i hope that
    الاختلاف في الرأي لا يفسد للود قضية

    happy feast for U

  5. Why do you insist that it is a failure???I believe it was deliberate..THEY INTENDEDLY LET THIS HAPPEN...!!!!Why???If you refer back to your own article about who benefits from Egyptian-Algerian tension you would find many possible answers.


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