Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This Is Not A Regular War ; This Is A Guerilla War in Mountains People !!

Officially Saudi Arabia has declared war on the Houthi rebels , I will not discuss if 5it is its right or not or if it a battle in a bigger regional war but I will discuss the fact that Saudi Arabia mostly will not win this war easily or hardly as it hopes with all that multi-million gadgets they have simply because this is a guerilla war in the mountains !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do the Saudi generals realize this important fact ?? Please do not tell me that I am the Egyptian girl setting on her a** writing this in her pajamas knows better !!!??


I was not surprised to find the Houthi media machine publishing photos for captured Saudi army Vehicles


1 These are anti- American , Anti- Israeli and Anti-Jewish slogans , I do not know what these slogans have to do with Saudi Arabia.


A Saudi Army vehicle set on fire


The Houthis who are claiming victory over the Saudi army.

Now this is a video I found online for  Saudi POW captured by the Houthis  :(

I do not know why the Saudis are heading to the same swamp we went to in mid 1960s , of course it is an irony because they used to back up the Yemenis against us !!! In fact I read some news claiming that KSA used White phosphorus against the civilians there !! Is this a deja Vu ??!!??

I do not know if it is ironic or sad ; Arab and Muslim blood should not be spelled like this by the hands of another Arab and Muslim blood !! We are one by the end of the day.

I do not know where the role of the Arab league when you need it , Amr Moussa seems out of town , well guess out he is losing points as possible presidential candidate !!

Mubarak supports Saudi Arabia in anything it does , already I do not think that anyone in his place will do anything except this , I feel that after the Yemen War we are avoiding it as much as we can. “If you know how much we lost there you will be surprised how we could get away from the Six days war and re-build our army in 6 years !!”

I have one suggestion to the king of Saudi Arabia who should act for real as the custodian of the two holy palace and stop this Arab Muslim blood river from both side;  why not invite the Houthi rebels to negotiations during the Haj which is later this month ; it will not be the first time he does , he loves it already !!

Shame on us all to watch this tragedy happening and we just keeping watching !! In fact it is not us , the Muslims and Arabs but also the whole world !!


  1. The most painful fact: Nobody cares for innocent civilians who are paying the bill of a war that they have nothing to do with.

  2. thanks for reminder of Egypt's bad experience in Yemen. We don't hear about this conflict much in the papers.

  3. why you think it is too much for saudi to try defend their borders?

    they came under attack & they need to repulse the intruders

  4. Sudanese Observer12/18/2009 06:44:00 PM

    The Houthis are Yemenis who transgressed into Saudi territory and as such military action against them is legitimate. Saudi Arabia shares a border with Yemen and Egypt doesn't so any talk of Egytpian intervention is based on dubious premise, and as rightly mentioned Egypts experience in Yemen was a bitter one. Saudi Arabia espouses a policy of non-interference in the domestic affairs of other States. As for Amr Mousa I consider that he is too nationalistically partial and don't think he represents me as an Arab. Leadership of the Arab League should be rotational between all members or else there's no point in it being an 'international' organisation... The President of Yemen is a Zaidi Shia. Yemeni society never knew sectarian rifts, tribal maybe but these sectarian tensions are fomented by Iran exporting it's Twelver Shiism into Yemen. The Yemenis should be left alone to solve resolve their differences.

  5. good pictures..thnks fro sharing


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