Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Anyone Has Seen Those Lights !!??

I spent almost all the day away from home and when I came back I could not check anything whether online or offline and I found in twitter people are speaking about strange lights in sky which appeared in Cairo last night !! I even read that Amr Adib was speaking about these strange lights !!??

Well I was in the street last night and I did not see anything strange in the sky ; of course I am not sure if I missed anything as I could not look to the sky because it was damn cold !!

Was it a new Virgin apparition ?? Was it a UFO ?? Or it is just so misunderstood natural phenomenon considering the unstable weather we are having now !!


  1. maybe it was the reflection on the clouds from a laser light they use at a disco or an opening.

  2. This is an excellent logic explanation I believe so

  3. since when laser takes the form of a pigeon moving its wings that come back and forth ?

  4. It is just a lamp. The light moves in the same solid track.

  5. Each to his own, what happened after her claimed appearance nothing. Its up to the living and not the dead regardless how holy they are, to make Egypt a better place and to solve its problems.

  6. أعتقد أن هذه الشائعات مجرد محاولة بائسة من الأقباط
    للترويج لتخاريف الكنيسة


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