Sunday, January 24, 2010

Define “Disaster Zone”

Sinai Lighting Storm
The thunderstorm as captured by Lostlab
I do not get why on earth and heaven the government has not declared Aswan and Al Arish as disaster zones yet , the videos and photos from there are terrifying as you can see below. The people there need real aid , need real help for God sake !! The hospital of al Arish has drowned and officially we are more than great !! I do not know what we need to declare the two cities as disaster zones , what is the definition of disaster zone in that regime’s dictation !!
Check these numbers:
  • 1500 houses have drowned in the floods in Al Arish
  • 590 houses have been totally destroyed in Al Arish !!
  • 15,000 olive tree have been destroyed in Al Arish
  • 1260 houses have been damaged in Aswan
I understand the army as usual has saved the day both in Al Arish and in Aswan. It became a life fact that whenever our government fails whether in bread crisis or flood crisis the army comes to rescue !!!! 
Regarding to the damages well according to my information personally things in Al Arish are worse than in Aswan.  Not all the villages have be damaged in the floods and even the damage level is different from a village to another in Aswan. Of course the people in Aswan are more fortunate than the people in Al Arish as the President has raised their compensation where as he forgot Al Arish totally as far as I could see !! The governor in Aswan seems to be better than the new governor of North Sinai as the first acted as soon as the heavy rains started where as the later was so misfortunate to meet this crisis and he has just been appointed !!
The people in Al Arish are accusing the government of causing this disaster with its stupid city re-planning as for years the stream of floods to the sea was clear but now the governorate ignored the warnings of the locals and built residential and tourist projects there to form a block in front of the floods. This is stupidity , real stupidity !!
Now Al Arish is split to two cities and up till now there are areas with no communications what so ever.
Here are videos from Al Arish by the locals and south Sinai by the tourists below. I could not find anything from Aswan unfortunately :(

Al Arish :

South Sinai :

Here are photos from Al Arish :
Al Arish-1
Al Arish-2
Here are some photos taken by some tourists from South Sinai :
Sinai Flood
South Sinai. January 19, 2010.Used to be a road.
Sinai Mountains. January 19, 2010. Road to Taba airport.
After the storm
You can see more photos from South Sinai after the storm in Nicole’s website which I highly recommend to visit.
Now here are couple of photos from Aswan :
Aswan flood.2
Aswan flood
Aswan flood3


  1. Sweet goodness, this totally gives me the creeps.

    See, I didn't know anything about the Aswan and Al Arish regions, like that they are still in such devastation.

    I can't believe that nothing of this has really hit the news.
    The government is really good in hiding all this :(

    So, what did the people from Aswan get? 200LE instead of 100?
    And the double ration of cheese and bread and 2 orange juices.
    That's so beyond words :(

  2. I love Egypt and its Pyramids and the mummies very much

  3. Z, still no news about how to send donations there? Sorry I keep on asking but I did my own search and even emailed the Helal Al Ahmar and got nothing so far!! STRANGE I guess Amr Adeeb must first talk about this so that we see the gov moving, you know they are usually afraid of bad publicity only.

  4. @Nicole, it is a disaster and the media is acting as if there is nothing , in the first 24 hours no reporter went there !!
    Well the compensation is higher than 200 , it is now LE 25,000 in Aswan to build hoouses instead of those damaged. I know that he gave this higher compensation because of the Nuba issue in the South !! Strangely I do not know why he is not that generous with the people of Al Arish and they are angry from him and his regime for ages !!
    By the way your photography is beautiful
    @Borsa, thank you but you know it is not suitable to post matches links in this particular post
    @Mark , I love them too
    @anonymous , I found out that Resala is opening the donation door, already I am working on a post to include those organizations heloing the people there

  5. Thanks for the Info - this is so VERY strange and sad :(

    I had so many people coming to my Site looking for real news and asking questions, telling about their experiences.
    So weird!
    And so sad that nothing went to the media.
    I sent a few reports to CNN and they vetted them.
    No idea if they got sent though.
    Probably not, since there might have been another survivor of Haiti.

    Don't get me wrong, Haiti is beyond words, but why do humans and sensationalist reporters always forget the rest of the world, when something like this happens?

  6. PS: Thanks for the compliment :)


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