Sunday, January 24, 2010

Where Was Shannon ?? "Updated"

Ms. Shannon Hughes is from the Gaza free March activists , she came to our country from Israel and suddenly has disappeared. Her family does not know anything about her except that she was in Taba on her way to Cairo to fly back home to the States. She was planning to return back to NY on January 22nd and her family said that  the last time she contacted them was last week. The U.S Embassy is considering her as missing or abducted despite it seems uncooperative
Shannon did reach to the Cairo airport terminal according to her driver Mahmoud but she never checked at the airport. Her friends checked at the airport security and according to them the security knew her name yet aggressively refused to share more information which could be their normal attitude. 
She was staying at Red Sea Relax resort at Taba before and after her trip to Jerusalem.
It is so disturbing on many levels , whether as a human or as a political activist.  People just do not disappear in foreign countries so easily ;  I can’t deny that my mind now is having lots and lots of theories some of them are unpleasant considering that it has been more than 48 hours.
Here are her pictures.
shannon Shannon-2
If anyone have any piece of information about this young lady , please share because she has family and friends who want to know that she is fine “hopefully she will insh Allah”
I also hope that our authorities will be more cooperative and help her family 
Shannon is safe and is on her way home , she will reveal what happened and caused her delay soon insh Allah 


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