Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mohamed Baradei in Foreign Policy : Create A Free Zone in Egyptian Rafah

Foreign Policy magazine made an interview with Mohamed ElBaradei which is the first in the foreign written media to tackle his presidential candidacy issue directly like that if I am not mistaken. FP published excerpts from the interview online covering the Iranian nukes , the Presidential candidacy and surprisingly the Gaza wall issue.
What I love in his interview this time is his idea or suggestion to have a free zone between Gaza and Egypt where the Palestinians can buy their stuff so easily and return back to the sector. I do not know why no one has thought about this economic and feasible solution that could help in ending the misery of the Palestinians trapped in the sector and also to benefit Egypt economically.
The man spoke diplomatically about the Gaza wall as far as I see.
I know that that the official media will highlight his statement that he wants to rest and spend some time with his family in his villa at South France as a sign that the man does not want to run for presidency. Well it is not his personal quest as some people back in Egypt but he made it clear over and over that he will not hesitate in participating in any role to save Egypt from its misery now and push it towards real democracy, since day 1 , since his interview in Dream 2 he made this clear.


  1. Baradei's political solution are usually quiet boring, but this idea is excellent.

  2. I like the idea.
    But if the government claims are true, about an Israeli plan to give land to the Palestinians in Sinai, that solution will still pose a threat. Don't you think so?

  3. @John, his political solutions are faraway from boring , I wonder what kind of political solutions you find interesting.

    @MZaza, it is and this is why he said that he does not know the whole situation nor have enough information to judge properly


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