Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Saw That Lady And That Kid Before

I do not know why that Egyptian socialite who secretly married from Sheikh Said Al-Maktoum and converted to Jewish Kabbalah seems familiar to me. I think I have seen her before in Layalina magazine last year where she was holding a luncheon or a celebration of some kind with her friends. She was holding her baby who was dressed in a traditional Arab outfit. She was not keeping her marriage secret because the magazine published her son's name and so-called title complete" Sheikh Said Ahmed Said Al-Maktom". I still remember it because it is not everyday you know that Al-Maktom dynasty's men are officially married to Egyptian women like that , but it turned out that he was married to her secretly "at least outside the country".
 I do not know about the Kabbalah part honestly because some Egyptians love to claim that they are converted and gays in the west to get asylum for fear of discrimination in Egypt, it is well known game .
Niveen's father I bet did not expect that the press in Egypt would tackle his daughter's secret marriage and religious conversion as a scandal, well he should have seen  this coming after approving that relation for years because of money and power
This is just episode one in long Soap Opera , UK does not want to have a diplomatic crisis with Dubai especially after granting a Saudi princess the asylum from couple of months ago then we got the custody of the boy where as the Arabic media will speak about this Egyptian woman that converted to Judaism.
  • Niveen El-Gamal is not the sister of Khadija El-Gamal ,Gamal Mubarak's wife , already Khadija is the only child of Mahmoud El-Gamal. I am writing this because this is a rumor online that Niveen is the sister of Khadija which is untrue. Of course they can be related as El-Gamal family is big.  
  • It seems that El-Gamal was a famous interior designer as I found her name at Egypt News. com wiki !!
  • The Arabs believe that she is a gold digger
  • She was working at Shalalat group  
  • She has already set up a webpage for her son


  1. K/Qabbala (jewish mysticism) comes from the same root as iqqbal, it means acceptance!

    I will not mock her for changing her religion, that is his prerogative, but pimping her son on a webpage is an all time low! this woman needs to get her priorities straight.

  2. Well, her English is terrible and what the hell is this website for her kid? It makes her sound unstable and creepy ugghh

    As far as I know there is one Gamal family in Egypt so, shes probably connected to the royal family of Egypt hehe

    Well, I do feel for the kid as for the parents they do not deserve to have kids in the first place.


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