Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lebanon Mourns For A Day

Lebanon mourned the passengers of the Ethiopian airlines plane that crashed yesterday in the Mediterranean sea. The mourning was for one day , that was Monday. When I read this news I was shocked because Egypt witnessed similar incidents whether from earthquakes , floods , airplane crashes , train crashes , ferries sinking and even terrible shooting incidents like the one we had in Naj Hammadi and yet we did not mourn the victims for a single hour officially !!
1035 passengers on Salem ferry 98 died awfully and yet we did not mourn for a single day official nor for a single hour , in fact it was a cheerful time because we had just won the African Nations Cup.
It is so provoking that the official TV has mourned Mohamed Mubarak JR last year for three days unofficially with Quran verses, religious programs and songs not to mention the old religious films we always see in our religious occasions !! Even the anchorwomen and TV hostesses wore black in respect to the loss of the President’s grandson where as the TV did not change his programs and aired cheerful songs while hundreds of Egyptians were mourning their beloved ones whether in floods or in Salam Ferry or even more recently in Naj Hammadi shooting incident.
CNN is an American channel and yet I noticed that Syrian Hala Gourni during the first days of Haiti’s earthquake was wearing black to mourn those hundred thousands who died there. Same thing I noticed at the George Clooney’s Haiti telethon , everyone was wearing black even if it were for publicity.
There is something called “Consideration” and unfortunately our official media does not have it because our regime does not have it in the first. Our official media machine is working according to the regime’s policies and the only humans it regards as humans in this country are the ruling the class ; otherwise why they would mourn Mohamed Mubarak JR for days and celebrate Ahmed Nazif’s wedding with no respect to what country suffers from currently !!
Hopefully the day will come and we have a regime that will consider us as humans insh Allah.

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