Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Follow Up: Naj Hammadi Shooting "Criminal Intent"

As I expected there is something fishy about Bishop Kyrillos as there are some leaks from the ministry of interior to the press that the Bishop was using Kamoni , the main suspect in the shooting in protecting the Egyptian Christians' shops in the city. Not that only there are claims that the Bishop was using the security services of the public enemy of Upper Egypt infamous Nofal before Kamoni. " Nofal was a legend in crime world and it is enough that when the Police stormed his empire the price of hash shish was doubled. I should not forget to say that Nofal is an inspiration to drama and film makers"

From his side Kyrillos did not deny his previous relation with Kamoni but he did not explain the nature of this relation as it was. He is insisting it was a spiritual guidance relation

When I say to Kamoni "stop" , he stopped saying "forgive me master !!

Are you kidding me !!?? What guidance and he is convicted in a murder crime and freaking thug !!

Of course some people will say that these are leaks and could be false , well it is true , but it is untrue that Kamoni was tamed poor person when he met the Bishop for God sake !!

Bishop Kyrillos must understand that those seven who were killed on the Christmas eve is also his responsibility and he would be participating in that crime if he is hiding the truth.In fact he is participating in a larger crime which is destroying nation by his silence and keeping the truth to himself.

What is harm if he comes and says that he used to hire Kamoni in order to protect the Christians in the city !!? I think the harm is that he will embarrass the ministry of interior , they can't provide any protection what so ever and thus he is protecting the community using the old Upper Egypt style !!


  1. what if he was using him to find a christian girl who converted and get her back to the church? Amazing, how low can our country get when the police along with a religious figure both use thugs to do their dirty work and until when will those connected to the church and committing crimes are untouchables in the country?!
    I respect the Christians of Egypt but I believe the law should be applied on all be it a priest or a sheik or else we will se more violence and we the ordinary ppl will be used by those who apparently in the end are just players in the same game of controlling our lives.

  2. @anonymous, I agree with you , the law should be applied for real in this country on everybody regardless of his religion or position.
    I am afraid nobody cares about the people anymore , look to the Bishop 5 Christians have been killed and he does not want to say the truth


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