Saturday, January 23, 2010

Farewell Merit

Jean Simmons in the Egyptian

Jean Simmons


As Merit in The Egyptian


  1. This is not from the Egyptian and is probably from 'the Robe' > glad that somebody has cared to remember doing such a tribute however. She was absolutely alluring as Merit and took us into the streets of Thebes with those eyes, that hair and that voice. May the sun god aton shower her spirit with benevolent rays as they did in this great movie.

  2. @Kameron , I think it is from the Robe still I love this shot
    I tried to search for shots from the Egyptian but I could not find , already it is sad that very few remember it.
    I used to watch it on our national Egyptian TV , it is a beautiful film indeed starring a beautiful star

  3. Just do a google search in the photo section for "the egyptian". you'll see pictures of her


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