Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How Can You Be So Sure !!??

There is a very interesting interview for Mustafa El-Faky in Al Masry Al Youm today where he was speaking about the political future of Egypt or in more clear other words on who should rule  Egypt.

El-Faky believes that the man in charge will be Gamal Mubarak if Mubarak leaves the building whether live or dead. As a smart man , as a veteran politician who used to be from Mubarak’s advisors Dr. El-Faky tackled the army issue surprisingly; the obstacle facing GM.He believes the army will say Yes to Gamal

Many people including me believe that the army won’t accept easily a civilian to rule the country which has been ruled by a military since the dawn of history.

I respect El-Faky and his political views and predictions but I am keeping in my mind that he is a NDPian and a faithful Mubarak regime member , he can’t say anything except what we have read otherwise he will end just like Osama El-Baz ; the former advisor who is said to be against Gamal Mubarak’s hopes to rule.

El-Faky is not stupid to be 100% sure that the army will welcome Gamal Mubarak for instance like Syria taking in consideration that Gamal is a civilian who escaped his military service for some unknown reason. El-Faky knows well that the scenario of the 23rd July coup can be repeated so easily especially with the terrible situation of the country on all levels.

El-Faky understands well for sure that the army is not only the high ranking officers who are chosen based on their loyalty to the regime and the president, the worry comes from the lower ranking officers because through out the history they have been the ones who are leading coups and revolutions especially when their countries are facing similar bad days like the ones we are having now.

A military coup is from the taboo scenarios no one wants to speak about regarding the future of this country after Mubarak because of the 1952 coup cons which unfortunately we are suffering from up till now still we consider it in our scenarios

Of course I agree with him regarding the States and Israel despite they do not have the final word for real in Egypt and this is why they care so much about the future of this country. Israel of course wants Gamal more than America ; sometimes I feel America fears that by supporting Gamal Mubarak , it may lose Egypt in similar scenario like what happened in Iran in late 1970s


  1. All males born in 1965 (when GM was born) didn't do their military service.

  2. So Gamal Mubarak won't do his military service in a "legal" way.

    Even this year they are going to minimize people who are doing their military service for some reason I don't know.

  3. Yea I now remember, they want to decrease the costs of ordinary military service men in favour of increasing Central Security Forces for their increase need in fighting the massive number of protests around Egypt.


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