Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Long Day ; Bloody Day On The Borders

I can’t comprehend or understand the kind of idiots planning our regional political strategy in Gaza , I really can’t understand at all , even if we consider all our regional political is not planned for our best interest but to the best interest of Mubarak and son which what is happened clearly. I do not get how this regional political strategy will serve Mubarak and son now and in the future , please do not tell me they are doing this for the States and Israel because in the end it is dangerous on our national security and their security too.
Riots forces
Yesterday and today as you may have know from the news things  that there were Shabaan coming down for the last timeterrible clashes between Egyptian security and  Gaza march activists from around the globe and today we found out that these clashes were getting from bad to worse moving to clashes between the Gazans and the security in Egypt on the border. The Gazans threw stones on the security in Egypt and the anti-riot forces used water pipes and tear gases to fight back both the activists and the Gazans.Despite there were  many injuries from all parties involved in this sad clash things did not begin to calm down except when an Egyptian soldier has been killed in his tower apparently by a sniper shot from Gaza. The soldier is 21 years old Ahmed Shabaan and I feel so sad for his murder. Strangely today is the same day Soliman Khater was killed too in cell in an officially suicide case may Allah bless their souls both and bring patience to their families.
Ahmed Shaaban

Hamas began to act quickly  trying to stop the protesters but at the same time demanding an immediate investigation regarding the circumstances surrounding the death of this young soldier.Hamas tries to stop protesters
It was a bloody 24 hours for sure, many people have been injured not less 55 Egyptian, international activist and Gazans.
Angry Palestinians IHH Protest
Wounded Palestinian Wounded Palestinian-1
George Galloway ,the new enemy of the regime in its official media has vowed on air that he will not step a foot in Egypt again as long as this regime is continuing to build its wall of shame.
Ugly Wall
I found this photo for him in most of newspapers today as if it were distributed by the regime itself to mock him.
Gallowy Galloway is the last one our regime should think about when we have become worse than Israel in the eyes of those who should be closer to us than the States and America !! There are calls to boycott the Egyptian products are all over Europe.The Turks are extremely angry because among the marchers to Gaza members of their parliament have been attacked yesterday and unlike us they consider MPs as representatives of the people and the country abroad and thus this could create a diplomatic crisis of its own. Already I believe that this is why Turkey used her influence to make this convoy cross the borders.  Turkey is playing a powerful role in saving the day as usual taking the role of my country after a long history , shifting roles I believe thanks to Mubarak and his brainy advisers.Here are videos from Turkish channel showing the clashes.

Those members of Parliament are from the IHH and their supporters were so furious to hear the news about the attack on their representatives that they protested in front of our embassy there. I do not know if he knows but Mubarak is a villain now in Turkey after Jordan
IHH protest in Turkey The picture of Betrayal
Of course in Jordan in less than a week  there was another protest today in front of our embassy in Amman where the photos of Mubarak were stepped over by shoes.
Mubarak worked hard after being a President to mend our relations with the Arab world and at the same time our relations with America and Israel grew stronger especially that the plans of developing Sinai strategically were dead just like President Sadat. Mubarak is getting older and God knows he is writing the last chapters in the worst ways ever.Turkey and Syria but not Egypt
Now we are substituted by Syria and Turkey , especially by the later which was considered for a long time as an ally to Israel and an enemy to the Arab world but now it is playing our role perfectly and at the same time having a strong relations with the States and economic relations with Israel. Again I do not get what is going on , Mubarak is making the Gazans more and more angry , I fear one day that he will be the one behind a real invasion to Al Arish because of his siege supporting policies.


  1. What is very shameful is the egyptian security forces (in plain clothes) started the problems by throwing stones at the Viva Palastina aid convoy:
    then started arresting the witnesses to this shameful act and confiscating their cameras:

    It took intervention by the Turkish foreign minister and malaysian prime minister wife to stop the egytpain security attacks and arrests.

  2. Basem its shameful from all sides and a person lost his life because of it. Cant we take a minute to think about that instead of running to accuse one side or the other.
    The Egyptian regime was obstructing the convoy for some valid reasons and some invalid reasons, some members of the convoy saw it as an opportunity to get some spot light, Hamas is not an angel, if Hamas is claiming they have no idea who shot the solider (btw he was wearing a bullet-proof vest but was shot on the side i.e. by a professional) then that also means they have no control over the area and some of Egypt's security concerns are very real. Also, the Hamas speaker who said they are not concerned by what happens at the borders is a fool, so who should be concerned? and if its none of their concern then does that mean this is a purely Egyptian matter?! and what about a word of apology or even a show of sorrow to the man who got killed and his family?!
    Turks, Europeans and Americans in the convoy wouldve served the ppl of Palestine better by protesting their own governments, they all have amazing relations with Israel and the EU and US are directly responsible for the whole closing of the crossing etc. They should also explain why the destroyed the gates of the Arlsih port, threatened to burn the cars in there and how and why they added new cars to the convoy? How can someone condemn using violence against him while he resorts to violence when he cant get his way too? If someone throws stones at you while in a foreign country does that give you the right to break things around you that are public property of the ppl of that country? could the Arab participants in the convoy do that in their own country? or accept an Egyptian doing that in their own country? The answer is no and Lybia and KSA showed how they deal with any borders violations but Egypt has not rights over its borders according to ppl like you.

    Egypt was simply left by all sides to deal with Gaza which no other country be it Arab or not wants to deal with. Turning this into another lets cuss at Egypt party will only have more Egyptians seeing the benefit of the wall btw

  3. Egypt needs to kick all the people in that convoy out of the country and not allow any other convoys to enter Gaza through Egypt. Also, the border with Gaza needs to be completely closed above and under the ground. Gaza is not Egypt's responsibility, and we should not care about Palestinians and their children more than they care about themselves Palestinians. As long as there are terrorists in control on the other side, the border has to be shut.

  4. The Egyptian regime has particpated in the blockade/ siege /Embargo of Gaza for the last 30 months. This blockade of Gaza to starve its citizens for the last 2.5 years is a violation of the Geneva Fourth Convention article 33 (related to the collective punishment of citizens under an occupation). Part of the Egyptian regime violations of article 33 for the past 2.5 years is denying relief including medical supplies from entering Gaza. An example is the 1 ton medical supplies brought by European parliamantaries that regime denied entry last year. Btw, this is not the first time the egyptian regime security has belted aid convoys with stones, as they did that same shameful action to the previous aid convoy last March.

  5. What is the Egyptian people waiting for ?? Mubarak declared his treason to arabic nation, and to Islam.
    a lot of arabs are calling Egypt(Misr) Misrael and the number is growing... Shame on you Mubarak!

    For All real Egyptians, make the revolution!!! don't let them build the wall of shame!
    We will support you...

  6. At last, George Galloway is persona non grata. This should have happened the moment those foreigners started their violence.

    As for the Anonymous above, Egypt is a sovereign nation that has the right to control its borders, and will not be blackmailed by terrorists or their sympathizers who want to give dozens of cars as a gift to the terrorist leaders.

    If they are so interested in the welfare of the Palestinian people, foreigners can take a ship directly from their countries to Gaza. Don't involve Egypt in your nonsense.

  7. Far from protecting Egypt's sovereignty, the Egyptian regime has sold it for continued foreign subsidy and despotic dynastic rule.

    Two factors seem to have been decisive in convincing the Egyptian Regime to bend to American and Israeli pressure and close the vice on Gaza's Palestinians, along with those who support them. The first was a US threat to cut hundreds of millions of dollars of aid unless it cracked down on smuggling. The second is the need for US acquiescence in the widely expected hereditary succession of Gamal to the presidency.


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